A call for Debate between Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia and John Dramani Mahama 

Ghana has come of age and gone through this 4th republic successfully.

Civil societies and many organizations have played major roles in shaping the destiny of this country over the years. Consequently, many of them have organized debates to shape the campaigns and manifestoes of political parties.

I am, however, shocked that six months away from this year’s elections none of these civil societies have found it prudent to organize a debate for, at least, the candidates for the major political parties vying for the Presidency.

Where are the IMANIs, the CDDs, Organized Labours, Civic Education organizations and the rest? I am, therefore, challenging any of the civil societies to organize presidential debates to bring out the good and bad of our candidates. Even if not for nothing at all, the Vice President and the former President should avail themselves for this all-important debate.

The presidential debate is very essential. This will let Ghanaians see who has the best leadership skills and ideas to manage corporate Ghana. Ghanaians want to see all that the presidential aspirants are telling us at a one-stop shop and help us pick and choose the best.

The Vice-Presidential candidates should also be quizzed to see if they really have what it takes to become the Veep.

Both positions should not be taken on a silver platter. “If you think you are capable, show your prowess”.

What is happening currently is not giving the citizens the feel and grasp of the ideas and intentions of our aspirants. What is going on in the political landscape currently is, as if everybody is playing his own football on an empty field without referees, hence some of them are playing the ball anyhow and in any direction that pleases them.

No, they can’t have a field day. They should be quizzed. Some are setting their own questions and answering them. Ghanaians deserve to know their plans and policies. One may feel being on top of the game. But one can’t throw anything out there and go scot free.

Indeed, we want a well-coordinated and a prepared field with good referees to moderate and bring out what is in them in one arena.

In fact, all the aspirants should be quizzed. Governing a country is not a child’s play. It is a serious business. Ghana cannot be left in the hands of just anybody at all in the name of elections. He who wants to rule must come well prepared.

The “Ayare-cough” thing will not be entertained this time.

Ghanaians are looking forward to this debate “paaaaa” to see and know who is who. We live in a country where, anytime a presidential candidate speaks, you get people to either correct or explain what he means.

It is important to hear from their own mouths “fiilifiili” so that no one comes to throw innuendos and paraphrase what they mean to us.

As l write, Ghanaians are finding it difficult to understand the vision of the former President and what the 24-Hour economy means and how he intends to execute it.

Many stalwarts of NDC have tried to explain it unsuccessfully. The debate will provide a good opportunity for the former President himself to explain it to the hearing of everyone.

This forum will also provide a good opportunity to the Vice president, Dr. Bawumia to articulate his vision on what he means by a uniform tax system and how he intends to implement it.

Again, it will afford Ghanaians the opportunity to understand “Nkokonketenkete” by the former president John Dramani Mahama and “Monfa steer no mma me” by the Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia.

Our universities and civil society organizations should take it upon themselves to organize debates among all the Presidential aspirants. Let’s see how they will react to issues and to each other.

Cheddar is touting how he intends to dredge and bring the sea to Kumasi. When he was quizzed, he lamented that some Ghanaians have misconstrued him. So, what does he actually mean? This is why Organizers should help us understand the Presidential aspirants at one forum.

To me, any Presidential aspirant and a running mate who runs away from the debates is not worth voting for. The mere fact that you have been chosen by your party as an aspirant does not mean you can lead and manage a nation.

If indeed, our universities are worth their pedigree, they should come out and organize fora to quiz these aspirants. Civil societies should also show their worth by doing the same. Nevertheless, there can be a collaboration of institutions to let this happen. Ghanaians will be very grateful if this opportunity is provided for them.

By Dr. APC 

* The writer is the District Chief Executive of Afigya Kwabre South 

Editor’s note: Views expressed in this article do not represent that of The Chronicle


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