A.B. Crentsil’s contribution to Ghana music is enviable – Western Music Awards CEO eulogises

The Chief Executive Officer for Western Music Awards, Emmanuel Ampaabeng has eulogised highlife legend A.B. Crentsil for his sterling work in Ghana music.

Mr. Ampaabeng who has a personal relationship with A.B. Crentsil told The Chronicle that, “Anytime you meet him, he is quick to share words of wisdom about life, music and the Creative Arts sector. He is a man full of wisdom and happy to guide the younger generation.”

“When it comes to song writing, he is skilled at it. He knows how to play around words that make it controversial and mindboggling at the same time. Listen to my favourite song of him, ‘Obi bawiase’ and you’ll appreciate what I am talking about. He knows how to give meaning to words and make you appreciate it. I once asked him how he is able to write songs that well and he mentioned that it can only be a gift because he doesn’t know how it comes to him, it just comes to him” the Western Music Awards CEO intimated.

“In 2019, Western Music Awards decided to honour him with a ‘Lifetime Achievement’ award. Before receiving the award, he gave a thunderous performance which up to date is one of the rave ratings of performance by our patrons” Mr. Ampaabeng added.

In the citation that honoured A.B. Crentsil at the third edition of Western Music Awards, a portion read; “Your amazing works like ‘Sokoo,’ ‘Atia,’ ‘Papa Samo,’ ‘Landlord Abodwese,’ Devil,’ amongst others

which have won you national and international recognitions through awards like CRAG Award in

1986 and numerous Lifetime Achievement of the year awards both in Ghana and abroad.

Your ability to multitask which was evident in your simultaneous working as electrician and musician has also imbibed in us the ‘jack of all trade master of all’ spirit.

With 25 albums since the beginning of your music career, the younger generation have learned not to be nonchalant in all we do and aspire to greater heights.

You have not only made the Western Region proud; Ghana is indeed blessed to have such an

outstanding achiever like you to brag with.”


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