$50,000 KMA, Bloomberg Philanthropies Youth Climate Action Fund launched

Mr. Samuel Pyne, the Mayor of Kumasi, has launched a $50,000 KMA, Bloomberg Philanthropies Youth Climate Action Fund, aimed at actively engaging young people in driving Climate-Related Solutions for the City.

According to the Mayor, the Youth Climate Action Fund by Bloomberg Philanthropies is aimed at young people between the ages of 15 and 24 towards combating climate change.

It will equip 100 Mayors worldwide with the necessary resources to develop and implement urgent climate solutions in their respective cities across 38 countries in six continents, representing over 62 million residents.

The Mayor noted that, as part of the programme, Kumasi will receive $50,000 to distribute as micro-grants to fund a groundswell of youth-led climate initiatives.

He said the projects may range from tree-planting and public education campaigns to recycling and waste reduction initiatives as well as involvement in mitigation planning and preparedness programmes.

Mr. Pyne indicated that such efforts will significantly contribute to community goals, including meeting decarbonization commitments and reducing consumption-based emissions.

He revealed that cities that promptly respond to the climate crisis and commit the initial $50,000 within six months will receive an additional $100,000 to support more youth-driven projects in the course of one year.

The Mayor, therefore, implored on young residents to visit the kma.gov.gh and Metro Planning Unit to learn more about the Youth Climate Action Fund, supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies, and how to submit ideas for the opportunity to receive funding.

He reiterated that the KMA anticipates innovative proposals from young and talented individuals to help propel our collective efforts towards addressing and mitigating the pressing issue of climate change.


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