2024 European Championships: Everything you need to know about fixtures and dates

The 17th edition of the European Championships (Euro 2024) takes place across June and July in Germany. Here’s everything you need to know about who’s playing who and when in a group-by-group guide.

Italy won their second European Championship in 2021 at Wembley in the UK and they return for the 2024 edition of the tournament along with hosts Germany and 22 other nations. Below are all the groups and fixtures for the tournament starting on June 14th. The final will be played on July 14th.

Follow all the European Championship results.

Group A

Participants: Germany (three titles), SwitzerlandScotlandHungary


June 14th

Germany vs Scotland – 21:00 CET (Munich)

June 15th

Hungary vs Switzerland – 15:00 CET (Cologne)

June 19th

Germany vs Hungary – 18:00 CET (Stuttgart)

Scotland vs Switzerland – 21:00 CET (Cologne)

June 23rd

Scotland vs Hungary – 21:00 CET (Stuttgart)

Switzerland vs Germany – 21:00 CET (Frankfurt)

Group B

Participants: Italy (two titles), CroatiaSpain (three titles), Albania


June 15th

Spain vs Croatia – 18:00 CET (Berlin)

Italy vs Albania – 21:00 CET (Dortmund)

June 19th

Croatia vs Albania -15:00 CET (Hamburg)

June 20th

Spain vs Italy – 21:00 CET (Gelsenkirchen)

June 24th

Albania vs Spain – 21:00 CET (Dusseldorf)

Croatia vs Italy – 21:00 CET (Leipzig)

Group C

Participants: SloveniaDenmark (one title), EnglandSerbia


June 16th

Slovenia vs Denmark – 18:00 CET (Stuttgart)

Serbia vs England – 21:00 CET (Gelsenkirchen)

June 20th

Slovenia vs Serbia – 15:00 CET (Munich)

Denmark vs England – 18:00 CET (Frankfurt)

June 25th

Denmark vs Serbia – 21:00 CET (Munich)

England vs Slovenia – 21:00 CET (Cologne)

Group D

Participants: PolandAustriaFrance (two titles), Netherlands (one title)


June 16th

Poland vs Netherlands – 15:00 CET (Hamburg)

June 17th

Austria vs France – 21:00 CET (Dusseldorf)

June 21st

Poland vs Austria – 18:00 CET (Dusseldorf)

Netherlands vs France – 21:00 CET (Leipzig)

June 25th

Netherlands vs Austria – 18:00 CET (Berlin)

France vs Poland – 18:00 CET (Dortmund)

Group E

Participants: RomaniaBelgiumSlovakia (one title as Czechoslovakia), Ukraine


July 17th

Romania vs Ukraine – 15:00 CET (Munich)

Belgium vs Slovakia – 18:00 CET (Frankfurt)

June 21st

Slovakia vs Ukraine – 15:00 CET (Dusseldorf)

June 22nd

Belgium vs Romania – 21:00 CET (Cologne)

June 26th

Slovakia vs Romania – 18:00 CET (Frankfurt)

Ukraine vs Belgium – 18:00 CET (Stuttgart)

Group F

Czech Republic (one title as Czechoslovakia), TurkeyPortugal (one title), Georgia


June 18th

Turkey vs Georgia – 18:00 CET (Dortmund)

Portugal vs Czech Republic – 21:00 CET (Leipzig)

June 22nd

Georgia vs Czech Republic – 15:00 CET (Hamburg)

Turkey vs Portugal – 18:00 CET (Dortmund)

June 26th

Georgia vs Portugal – 21:00 CET (Gelsenkirchen)

Czech Republic vs Turkey – 21:00 CET (Hamburg)

Knockout stages

The group winners, runners-up and the four best third-placed teams progress to the round of 16 which is followed by quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final.

Round of 16

June 29th

Runner-up Group A vs Runner-up Group B (Match 38) – 18:00 CET (Berlin)

Winner Group A vs Runner-up Group C (Match 37) – 21:00 CET (Dortmund)

June 30th

Winner Group C vs Third place Group D/E/F (Match 40) – 18:00 CET (Gelsenkirchen)

Winner Group B vs Third place Group A/D/E/F (Match 39) – 21:00 CET (Cologne)

July 1st

Runner-up Group D vs Runner-up Group E (Match 42) – 18:00 CET (Dusseldorf)

Winner Group F vs Third place Group A/B/C (Match 41) – 21:00 CET (Frankfurt)

July 2nd

Winner Group E vs Third place Group A/B/C/D (Match 43) – 18:00 CET (Munich)

Winner Group D vs Runner-up Group F (Match 44) – 21:00 CET (Leipzig)


July 5th

Winner of Match 39 vs Winner of Match 37 – 18:00 CET (Stuttgart)

Winner of Match 41 vs Winner of Match 42 – 21:00 CET (Hamburg)

July 6th

Winner of Match 40 vs Winner of Match 38 – 18:00 CET (Dusseldorf)

Winner of Match 43 vs Winner of Match 44 – 21:00 CET (Berlin)


July 9th

Semi-final 1 – 21:00 CET (Munich)

July 10th

Semi-final 2 – 21:00 CET (Dortmund)


July 14th

Final – 21:00 CET (Berlin)

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