The Spread of this Foolishness must Stop GCBC, CCG, GPCC, Political and all Leadership, WAKE UP!

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When one just takes time to wonder about the expanse of the Solar System, like taking a trip to its edge which is about 1.87 light years away, and if one knows that it means it will take 1.87 years for light to travel from earth to the edge of the Solar System at 299,791.82 kilometres (km) an hour or 7,195,004.88 kilometres a day, one must be lost in wonder.

Then when one thinks about the Milky Way galaxy we belong to, and know that it is about 100,000 to 150,000 light years across, and when one compares our Solar System to it and finds out that it is like comparing a 2 millimetres (mm) coin to a 2,000 km circle, there is one amazing question to ask. Who is the Being who created all this?

Going on further, when one gets to know that the Observable Universe is 93 billion light years across, meaning a cool distance of 7,195,004.88 multiplied by 365 and multiplied by 93 billion, and realising that there is more than that beyond this, we can only shudder in fear of the Being that created all this. The question is, how Great and Mighty is this Being? Yes, how Great and Mighty is our God?

The greatness of God is not perceived in the minds of many, and thus, there are those who do not fear God. When Rawlings, in the nineties, came out with a strange theology “I Do Not Fear God, but I love Him,” many were the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC)/National Democratic Congress (NDC) men and women of God who supported this sacrilegious statement, and even went on to defend it. They asked: “How can one fear someone he loves?” Today, most NDC members do not fear and/or love Rawlings.

It is obvious that some people have no fear of God in them. They do not perceive the Greatness of God and His Wondrous Love and Mercy, so they get up and speak any how in His Name.

We are in an election year, with campaigning going on, and suddenly, those men and women of God who lost their voices when the Covid-19 came, have now found them and have started making false prophecies again.

The other day it was Nigel Gaisie who claimed God told him to warn Ghanaians not to vote for Nana Akufo-Addo since He had removed His favour over him. What exactly Nana Addo did to so much offend God, we were not told. But the God we read of in the Sacred Scriptures will also tell man what he did wrong for Him to remove His favour.

But how credible is Nigel Gaisie as a man of God? Here is someone who was accused by Myzbel that he called her from bed at midnight to come over to his church and receive an important message from God. The message turned out to be sexual harassment from Nigel, the tearful celebrity encountered on television. Nigel has not come out to tell his side of the story, because Myzbel has dared him to and she will release Part II of the whole story and what actually happened that night in Nigel’s office. So we have a man of God fearing mere mortals.

Many men and women with far less sins lost God’s favour, so how come this attempted “rapist,” or was he actually one, still hangs around in God’s vineyard?

Owusu-Bempah will never cease to amaze. He is gradually shifting to the same Mahama he claimed God had decreed he will never rule Ghana again, because his hands are full of blood. He hinted his intentions, or should we say God’s intention, when he said in his usual annual ritual of false prophecies in December 2019, that whenever God favours the NDC, he will move there.

God decided that David whose hands were full of blood was not the one to build His temple, and here, the same God who saw that Mahama’s hands were full of blood decided he cannot rule Ghana. Then, all of a sudden, God has changed His mind on Mahama. Is it a case that upon all his prophecies that Nana Addo was going to win the 2016 elections, nothing came up for Owusu-Bempah and so he went to God to remove Nana Addo’s name from those He favours?

Such foolishness must not be allowed to stand because it is God’s Name; it is Jesus Christ which is being ridiculed here. Some shameless hare-brained Homo sapiens, who call themselves men and women of God, are abusing the Holy Name of God and saying and doing all manner of things that do not speak well of the One they claim to serve.

Because he felt disappointed in Nana Addo for not rewarding him, Owusu-Bempah could go to God the Most High and tell Him to remove His favour from Nana Addo. I never knew there are humans who can tell God what to do.

As if the ridiculing of God is not enough, a certain Prophet Johnson Adu Boahen came out to claim he did 90% of the spiritual works for Nana Addo before he could win the 2016 elections. Seriously, 90% of the spiritual works, then what work did Owusu-Bempah do to be making so much noise?

Prophet Adu Boahen went on to say he entered the spiritual realm and this time it was not going to be good for Nana Addo. He claims he saw a man masked in New Patriotic Party (NPP) colours, but when people demanded to know who he was, he turned into a goat and that was the end of NPP’s victories in the Ashanti Region. The caption of this story on Ghanaweb of October 1, 2020 was, “I Saw That NPP Flag Bearer Had Turned Into A Goat In Kumasi -Prophet Adu Boahen.”

This is one stupid statement to have come from a fellow who claims he is a man of God. Does Johnson Adu Boahen and others who think and act like him do not fear God? No doubt the belief that most of these persons go to demonic shrines to obtain favours to start and operate churches.

If, indeed, if Johnson went into a spiritual realm, then one can bet that it was the same spiritual realm, people who get drunk with alcoholic spirits or who have taken hard drugs like marijuana go into when they get drunk and high. This realm is not a place where God takes His seat on the throne.

Is it not interesting that Johnson, Nigel, Owusu-Bempah and others like them could not enter into the spiritual realm and experience God’s Holy Presence and be told about Covid-19 and how to manage and cure it? When it matters most; when God was going to allow this pandemic to shake the whole world, He did not reveal to His prophets to warn us about what was going to come. So what is of great concern to God is how the elections will go in Ghana, and all about humans turning into goats. Then, we have a mighty God, indeed.

What are the Ghana Catholic Bishop Conference, the Christian Council of Ghana, and the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatics Council doing about all this foolishness being spread about and which is bringing the image of Christ to shame and disgrace? I say this and I will always say it, that it does not matter whether these quacks belong to your denomination or not, fight for the Name of Christ. If your half siblings, same father but different mothers, start tarnishing your father’s reputation, are you going to say because they are step-siblings and the aggressor is not your mother’s child you will keep mute?

We are in a Christian country, so why are the political leadership, traditional leadership and all good Christians so quiet while these fake Christians are spoiling the Name and Image of Christ?

If it is true that the Christian God is the One and the same Muslim Allah, then how come the Muslims are not into this business of prophecies, like we have with so-called Christians?

Certainly, this I can prophesy, the Ashanti Region is going to fall completely to the NPP, which will win all seats with Nana Addo bagging not less than 65%, and as high as 90% in all constituencies in the region.

Ghanaians are trying to see how leniently and lovingly to deal with the NDC’s Efo Worlanyo Tsekpo who offered to be castrated if the Electoral Commission (EC) was able to compile a new voters’ register, and then comes Prophet Johnson Adu Boahen, who is offering his head if the NPP does not drop votes in the Ashanti Region.

These hare-brained people, who claim they are men and women of God, do not even read the Sacred Scriptures. Is Johnson aware of a certain Israelite judge called Jephthah, who, before going into battle against the Ammonites, made this vow to God: “If You deliver the Ammonites into my power, whoever comes out of the doors of my house to meet me when I return in triumph from the Ammonites shall belong to the Lord. I shall offer him up as holocaust.” (Judges 11: 30-40). He had victory over the Ammonites, and guess what, it was his lovely virgin daughter, an only child, who was the first to come out of his house playing tambourines and dancing to welcome him. He had to do what he vowed to God to do if he became victorious.

I guess with Nana Addo winning more votes in the Ashanti Region by percentages and figures, we shall witness the first national human sacrifice in Ghana. We can spare Efo Tsekpo for his waywardness, but as for Johnson Adu Boahen, he made this vow in God’s presence to God’s people, to the nation, and to the world. He must keep that promise for such foolishness because he knows what he is prophesying will never come to pass. Who does he want to deceive?

Fellow Christians, this foolishness must stop.

Hon Daniel Dugan

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