The Memoirs of Kwabena Amikaketo (3) A Pastor and A Politician

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Kwabena Amikaketo sat in his favourite chair on his balcony viewing the setting sun which was making way for the shadows to grow longer and soon cover his part of the world like a dark blanket.

He was contemplating on his memoirs and was sad to recall that in many ages past, pastors spoke and practiced the Word of God and endured all efforts to lead souls to Christ. Kwabena Amikaketo lamented and thought his memoirs should be changed to lamentations. These are the reasons why.

Pastors, especially the so-called men and women of God, of nowadays seem to be more interested in what they can acquire materially than to lead people to salvation.

The other day, just after the New Patriotic Party (NPP) held its primaries, people genuinely lambasted the disregard for the safety protocols laws which were meant to protect the nation from the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19). The President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, also expressed concern.

Some bloke was all over the media calling on the President to release pastors languishing in jail for violating the safety protocol laws during the lock down, or jail all the NPP supporters who were caught on camera disregarding the social distancing laws and not in face masks. Well said, Kwabena thought, but those pastors were jailed when congregational worshiping was banned.

Bishop Samuel N. Mensah also came along screaming and insulting politicians and going on to prophesy more Covid-19 actives cases rising up by another 5,000 within a fortnight.

What actually got him was when he saw a video clip of Bishop Agyinasare who was claiming that Covid-19 was designed by Satan.

To him, Satan had made man think that it was okay to go to the market; it was okay to go and vote in primaries; it was to go to the supermarket; it was okay to sit in commercial transports; it was okay to go anywhere, but when it comes to going to church, Covid-19 would infect them. He went on to chide some churches which are saying they are not yet ready to open up for congregational worship. It is obvious he was referring to Pastor Mensah Otabil’s International Central Gospel Church.

He did not understand why in a country with 71% Christians, people have faith that the Covid-19 cannot infect them anywhere else, except in church.

To Kwabena Amikaketo, these pastors have it all wrong. They do not seem to understand the definition of church, because church is not that building for worship, but rather an assembly of Christians in worship. That was why Christ said where two or three are gathered in His name, He will be there in their midst (St Matthew 18:20).

At that time there was no building called a church, and when Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount, He did not preach it in a building but out in the open, in a business hub and a busy terminal like Tema station.

The first building which turned into a church, as we know it, was in the 240s at Dura Europos in Eastern Roman Syria.

What the priests and pastors are to do is to lead the flock to enable them to pray and seek God’s Face wherever they are. So with the Covid-19 pandemic around, and the necessary safety protocols set up to prevent its spread, every Christian home shall become one of millions of mini churches. Unfortunately, this is not the case, because without people gathering at that auditorium, cash offerings will not come. So it is all about money.

What also amazes, Kwabena Amikaketo is that such men and women of God rage and attack politicians and others who violate the safety protocols. The question Kwabena wants answered is that if 71% of all Ghanaians are Christians, then it behoves that for every one hundred people gathered, seventy-one are Christians, all things being equal. So unless these pastors are producing church-alone Christians, where the good Christian virtues are only to be exhibited in that building and perimeter called church and not outside it as well, then their cries must be understood here, but certainly not accepted.

A Christian who has passed through the hands of a good servant of God will not put his and/or other people’s lives in danger. They will obey all laws to make sure the pandemic does not spread.

The other day, as Kwabena recalled, two women who claimed they were true Christians and filled with the Holy Spirit were very defiant at putting on face masks. If these are the kind of Christians the likes of Bishop Agyinasare and Bishop Samuel Mensah are preparing for the Lord, then they have failed.

Kwabena concluded that it is not in the church building alone that the pandemic can be prayed away. For Jesus said God must be worshiped in Spirit and in Truth (St. John 4:24). This means Christians must always prepare their bodies for the Lord as it is the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6: 19-20). Most of nowadays pastors seem to have failed in this light to teach followers to go that way. And to cover up their failures, they come out blaming politicians; blaming other institutions.

How many times have these so-called men and women of God not associated themselves with politicians and reaped goodies they never sowed. Today, the politicians are allowing Satan to rule their minds and come out with things that are not of God. When it suits them, these men and women of God will elevate politicians to sit on their right hand. They will establish themselves as presidential pastors, and will want to be acknowledged as such. But immediately something goes against them, then politicians are the worst breed, and, according to Bishop Mensah, no one should follow them.

It is the person who will lead others to salvation who should be considered a true servant of God, and not those who will leave and dump people down along the way once their desires are not met. Today, the churches are opened, and because the protocol demands that not more than one hundred people worship in church at any one time, these pastors are finding ways to attack the system.

It is all about numbers, and all about money.

No one properly trained in the ways of the Lord will desire to do wrong; so as it is for every one hundred people in Ghana who will violate God’s and human laws, seventy-one are Christians, and Kwabena Amikaketo wants to ask the pastors, “who will answer for these lost souls?”

Hon Daniel Dugan


The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect The Chronicle’s editorial stance.

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