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Tension in Ada as two clans fight over stool

September 15, 2020 By 0 Comments

The building of seeming tensions alleged to be coming from the Kudjragbe clan in the Ada Traditional Area have put the police in the area on high alert, a source in the police has told The Chronicle.

Two gates from the Kudjragbe clan – Mensah wem and Ametor/Owulahwem – have separately enstooled their Chief Warrior (Asafoatse) to succeed the late Asafoatse-nguaTsatsuPediator IV, who passed on late last year.

According to each of the gates, it is their turn to enstool the heir to the late Asafoatse-nguaPediator IV, who was known to be very peaceful in all his dealings with everybody.

The separate activities by the two gates, the police source hinted, are giving the Ada Divisional Police Command a hectic time to stay on a high alert to prevent any future clash between the gates.

On Monday, August 31,2020, the two factions nearly clashed at the forecourt of the Ada Traditional Council when the Mensah gate picked information that the Ametor/Owulah gate was at the Council to allegedly introduce their Asofoatse-ngua to the Council and the Greater Accra Regional Minister, Ishmael AmarhAshittey.

However, the timely intervention by the police averted the clash and later in a closed door meeting with the Paramount Chief, Dzetse Nene Abram KabuAkuaku III, the Regional Minister was said to have charged the traditional authorities to be swift in settling all the chieftaincy disputes in the area for a peaceful atmosphere.

Last Wednesday, The Chronicle followed up on the matter at Big Ada where the spokesperson for the Mensah gate, Nomo Ebenezer Domeh explained that, indeed it is their turn to enstool the heir to the late Asafoatse-nguaTsatsuPediator IV.

However, because the Ametor/Owulah gate also claimed it is their turn, the Ada Traditional Council, early this year, set up a Nine-member Fact Finding Committee to know which gate succeeds the deceased.

“After eight successive sittings with the two gates, the Fact Finding Committee was able to ascertain the assertions and or claims by both gates from our submissions, cross-examinations and evidences.

“These needed to be done to aid the Committee establish the validity of both gates’ claims to enable it arrive at a good conclusion and an impartial report and a recommendation,” Mr Domeh explained.

According to him, the final report by the Fact Finding Committee, which had been submitted to the Paramount Chief, Nene Akuaku III is 6:3 in their favour and “not only did we sight the report, some members on the Committee whispered it to us.

“But you know what? Our opponents and some people at the paramountcy are preventing the Council from declaring the report of the Committee to enable us, the Mensah gate, enstool the next Asafoatse-ngua for the Kudjragbe clan.

“And I must tell you that, it is the delay in the formal reading of the final report that is igniting the seeming tension you are here to enquire about.

“We, the Mensah gate, are very peaceful but we will not allow anybody to skew the 6:3 Committee’s report in their favour,” Ebenezer Domeh stated.

The Mensah gate accused some persons of paying some money to allegedly influence the Committee’s report which had already been submitted to the Traditional Council and to them it is the alleged inducement that is preventing the Council from officially declaring the contents of the report.

“I can assure you that the longer the report delays at the paramountcy, the more heightened the tension in Big Ada will become. The onus is now on our Paramount Chief to do the proper thing for the sake of peace and tranquility in Big Ada.

“We have served the Ada Divisional Police Command, Tema Regional Police Command, Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs, BNI and all who matter to request our Paramount Chief to make the report of the Nine-Member Fact Finding Committeepublic, which he instituted, so we can happily enstool our Asafoatse-ngua. Unless that is done, we cannot promise you that the Mensah gate will be calm,” Ebenezer Domeh said with venom.

The Chronicle, later contacted Nomo Daniel Fierty, Secretary to the Kudjragbe Divisional Councilat his office on the claims by the Mensah gate and to him, the latter, by lineage, are only qualified for traditional priesthood.

“The Mensah gate do not qualify at all for what they are sweating over, but let me educate them that the report they claim they have sighted is not a judgement. The Kudjragbe Divisional Council will later lay some facts bare.

“On their claim that some persons in the Division have bribed some Committee members and Traditional Council to influence the report, it is news to me. All that the Kudjragbe Divisional Council can tell you is that the Mensah gate needs to be sober because their lineage does not qualify for Asafoatse-ngua stool. That is all I can tell you,” Nomo Fierty said.

The Chronicle called Nomo Jonathan Dokutso, the Ada Traditional Council Secretary, on the telephone on the claims by the Mensah gate, but he said he was unavailable to grant audience on the claims by the Mensah gate.

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