Supreme Court has vindicated me: Chairman Arhin

The Cape Coast North constituency chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party, Mr Stephen Kojo Arhin says the apex Court’s ruling on the 2020 election petition has vindicated his position that the NDC had no case.
“I knew right for the beginning that the NDC was purely engaging in empty rhetoric about the outcome of the final presidential election result just to appease their supporters to coverup their defeat,” he said.
“Thank God that the whole country has now understood that the NPP won the elections on fair grounds without any rigging as the NDC wanted the world to believe,” Mr Arhin added.
Chairman Arhin made this known to the media while responding to the outcome of the judgement of the Supreme Court on the petition brought before it by the NDC’s John Dramani Mahama.
Mrs Jean Adukwei Mensa, who was the Returning Officer for the presidential elections, had declared Nana Akufo-Addo as the winner of the elections with over 51% of the total votes cast.
Series of protestations greeted the declaration especially as the EC at a point, admitted to some infractions which it said, did not affect the outcome of the elections in anyway.
In the course of the protest, Mr Arhin openly stated that though the NDC managed to flip some of the parliamentary seats from the NPP, the presidential election was handsomely won by the NPP.
According to Mr Arhin, though the NDC won the two parliamentary seats in the both Cape Coast North and South, Nana Addo won in both constituencies with wide margins of votes.
He explained that “In the Cape coast North constituency for instance, the NDC parliamentary candidate won with little over thousand votes but Mr Mahama was heavily defeated with over 4000 votes”
“The facts that the NDC gained some seats in Parliament does not mean to suggest that Mr Mahama also got majority vote for the presidential” He stated.
He, therefore, advised the leadership of the NDC to resort to the Supreme Court as enshrined in the constitution to have their grievances addressed if they felt cheated.
Mr John Dramani Mahama who led the NDC as its flagbearer, has filed a petition at Supreme Court to challenge the election results as declared by the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission.
Among others, Mr Mahama averred in his petition that none of the presidential candidates who contested in the elections crossed the constitutionally mandated 50+1 votes to be declared the winner.
However, all the seven justices of the Apex Court ruled in favour of the respondents which affirmed that Nana Addo Dankwa-Akufo Addo was duly elected by Ghanaians during the 7th December polls.
“Well, I see the ruling by the court as yet another victory for our democracy because it is the whole country that has won in peace but not in broken pieces”. He mentioned.
“However, my earlier stance that the NPP won genuinely has been vindicated by the ruling of the Apex Court which has settled all the dusts around the 2020 presidential elections” Said Mr Arhin.

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