Stop attaching spirituality to every disease -NGO

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Larteh-Akuapem based Non-Governmental Organisation, which goes by the name ‘AS I GROW’, Mr. Debrah Bekoe Isaac, has cautioned Ghanaians to stop attaching spirituality to every disease.
According to him, instead of Ghanaians finding out the scientific approach to get to the root cause diseases, they (Ghanaians) rather find pleasure in attributing every disease to spiritual explanations.
His admonishment was based on a young lady who is suffering from an eye tumor, but her family is attributing her affliction to spiritual causes, depriving her of the needed support.
Madam Mary Dogbe, a 35 year old lady, who hails from Abena Awia, a farming community in the Akuapem North Municipality, peels cassava for gari producers, for a paltry daily wage of GH¢4 to take care of her three children, with the eldest aged 16 years.
The husband of the hardworking lady has deserted her and to add insult to injury she has lost her job, following her health condition.
She has visited hospitals like the Nsawam Government Hospital, Emmanuel Eye Clinic and Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in search for a cure.
At Korle-Bu, tests were conducted on her ailment and now her only salvation is for her family to raise some money for the eye to be operated upon.
Unfortunately, nobody is ready to help since the family believes her condition is spiritual and nothing can be done about it, hence she has been left to her own fate.
Mary’s situation is so heartbreaking that at times she has to borrow her medication from drug retailers to be able to ease her pains.
There are occasions when Mary is unable to go to the hospital or buy her prescribed drugs because she doesn’t have any money or health insurance. The little savings she made from her GHC¢4 earnings is what she uses to take care of herself and her children.
However, luck and favour found Mary after she contacted the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of AIG, Mr. Isaac Debrah Bekoe for financial aid to undergo medical examination and surgery.
The NGO on September 6, 2016, arranged for the first screening at Korle-Bu.
In 2017, through the instrumentality of ‘AS I GROW NGO’, Madam Mary underwent a successful eye surgery.
The organisation, after aiding the lady to undergo a successful eye tumor surgery, also gave her financial support through the Adenta Church of Pentecost to start a porridge selling business. Madam Mary has since purchased a motorcycle out of the porridge business to aid her in taking care of herself and her family, a situation Mr. Debrah described as a moment of joy and celebration, since his outfit’s support has yielded positive transformation.
To him, the NGO wanted to improve on the lives of relatively disadvantaged people in society but funds to embark on what could be a life changing gesture has been the headache for the leadership of the NGO.
To this, the CEO passionately called on government, other corporate bodies and individuals to support ‘As I Grow’ to aid them in the development of deprived communities and by extension disadvantaged people in society.

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