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Security men ‘take cover’

January 19, 2021 By 0 Comments

The Accounts Department of the Ministry of Energy has been burgled, according to information The Chronicle has gathered.

The burglary happened on Sunday night and The Chronicle’s source narrated that the suspect broke into the Accounts Department of the Ministry via one of the rear windows.

Inside the office, the burglar unplugged a number of computers and packed them into empty boxes he found there.

Surprisingly, the suspect left a laptop untouched in one of the offices he entered, and that remained a surprise to staff of the Ministry, who, in their view, wondered why the burglar would prefer the bulkier computers to the smaller and portable laptop.

The Chronicle’s source explained that two unarmed security personnel of the Ministry, during their routine night inspections and tours, spotted the presence of the burglar.

Sensing danger, the ‘poor’ security personnel fled for cover, thus, giving the suspect the opportunity to escape through a window.

The source said CCTV footage captured the suspect dressed in a Lacoste-branded shirt over a pair of trousers entering through the windows of one of the rooms adjoining the Accounts office.

After climbing down from the window, the suspect then proceeded to one of the windows of the Accounts Office, unscrewed the window for access where he carried out his operation.

The police from the Ministries Police Station dashed to the crime scene six minutes later, the source said.

The Chronicle’s source said the Ministry had officially reported the burglary to the Ministries Police Station.

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