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Roman Father threatens whistleblowers after BNI invades St Theresa’s Hospital

The Chaplain of St Theresa’s Hospital at Nkoranza in the Bono East Region, who is also a management member, Rev. Fr. Enoch Duah, has threatened to deal ruthlessly with the whistleblowers who blew the lid on the alleged fake names submitted as frontline health workers to claim money from the government.
The Chronicle reported on Monday, this week, that the announcement by President Akufo-Addo that all frontline health workers in the country would receive an additional allowance of 50 percent of their basic salary per month for four months – March, April, May and June – has reportedly resulted in fraudulent names being submitted to the government as beneficiaries.
Immediately the story hit the newsstands, this reporter was told a team of Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) officials were at the hospital to hold a meeting with the management to verify the authenticity of the story.
Details of the discussion have not been made public, but unimpeachable sources told this reporter that the BNI officials asked the hospital management to furnish them with a copy of the list of frontline health workers it had submitted to the government for the 50 percent salary increment.
The sources further told The Chronicle that the hospital management succumbed to pressure and furnished the BNI officials with the list.
But, immediately the security officials left the hospital premises, management reportedly went into a marathon conclave, but what they discussed has again not been made public.
The Acting Medical Director of the hospital, Dr. Rosemond Kokuro, and his Administrator, Francis Tawiah, declined to confirm or deny whether the BNI officials were at the hospital. Whilst the Medical Director referred this reporter to the Administrator, the latter would not speak, saying, “You published the story, so what is left is internal issue.”
The Chronicle, however, gleaned from a collection of sources that Rev. Fr. Enoch Duah, who is apparently not happy with the decision of the concerned staff of the hospital to petition the Chief of Staff over alleged fake names, and subsequent publication by The Chronicle, took to the WhatsApp platform of the hospital to threaten the whistleblowers.
The following is the alleged statement he posted, which is being reproduced by The Chronicle unedited;
“Good evening dear friends, I salute you. In the morning I hinted I was going to post on this platform all the list of some ‘concerned staff and nurses’ who orchestrated the so-called petition to the chief of staff. Apparently, management of our facility has been accused of fraud and corruption in relation to list of front liners submitted in the name of the facility.
“Again, it’s alleged that management members who have no business with frontline activities have paraded their names on a certain list known to ‘them’ alone. When I got the information, I made the effort to buy a copy of The Chronicle Newspaper to peruse through as well. After engaging stakeholders about the matter the list of petitioners has been given to them for onward processes.
“To this, we have been cautioned to suspend any publication of such names, until further directives. Quite apart from that, every single soul within the facility who is named as staging a coup against the facility should already anticipate the merits of what they have brought upon their heads.
“It’s only with the delusional who would want to pull down the trousers of his father in the market square in order to prove to his comrades that his madness is the worst. As indicated earlier, every single individual named in connection with this should be fully prepared for its full rigorous consequences.
“Very soon, a staff durbar would be called. The expert’s mind always says, he who alleges has the onus of proof, abi you know dada. Today, I spoke with some of the perpetrators before I left the office in the morning. If you notice, a cross section of them have been added to the platform today by the very hands that recruited them.
“This is just to wet your appetite about the interesting times ahead of us and who we are dealing with. Never lose focus. Go back and peruse through the added numbers and names that emerged today. Some even left. I will update you as and when it’s timely. Best wishes and good night,” the WhatsApp post ended.
When this reporter called the Chaplain on phone, he did not deny the post, saying, “it is an internal matter,”, then hang up.

10 Comments on "Roman Father threatens whistleblowers after BNI invades St Theresa’s Hospital"

  1. Dr. Acheampong Amoo
    May 23, 2020 Reply

    This is so unfortunate. A typical attitude of Catholic health facilities. Autocracy to the highest level. Be a good man of God and learn how to preach peace and stop supporting corruption

  2. Bro Dari Benedict
    May 25, 2020 Reply

    This whole news carry no meaning to my best of knowledge. If it's really authentic as we at the blind side may think then why is the reporter hiding behind a mask to publicize this?
    I want to also add, that Rev. Fr Enoch Duah for who I know for about two years now will never support corrupt acts. Maybe you can tag him in something different but not this. I rest my case!

    • John Mensah
      June 8, 2020 Reply

      I can see you do not understand what you are saying. You just want to be heard. For your information, the reporter is Chronicle and no one has hidden to report on this issue. Father Enoch threatened as stated and has apologized on their newly created WhatsApp platform. He stated that he was just joking. Now is proven that the management didn't send the list of COVID-19 front liners. So why was a whole self acclaimed man of God threatening the whistle blowers??. What was it for?.So why wouldn't please shut your big mouth up and lets us fight for our right. Hippocrit Catholics

      June 8, 2020 Reply

      A man of God should not do that. It was an unfortunate deal if you don't know. I think he should apologize and calm them down .In time like these, a man of God should gather all the staffs and use the word of God to talk to them .
      IS IT TRUE THAT MANAGEMENT SENT WRONG LIST AS REQUESTED ??? Why are they quiet? Brother Dari, go to them and ask

    • Angelina cudjoe
      June 8, 2020 Reply

      Do you know he has apologized for what he did on the newly created WhatsApp platform?
      That is how you Catholics are. Full of hipocricy and cheat. If not query then is open release.
      Brother Dari, their cup is full and is a.big shame to the Catholic Church.. stealing in the name of the Lord. Shame
      If you threaten someone speaking the truth or fighting for his or her right, are you not supporting corruption?

      • Liberals in Ghana
        September 8, 2020 Reply

        Na God go punish you lady

  3. John Ankrah
    June 8, 2020 Reply

    No one is tagging Father Duah and you don't know him more than we do .The reporter is chronicle so it means is not hidden as you are claiming.
    Father Duah has apologized to the staffs he threatened on the newly created WhatsApp platform and is a.good thing he has done. So no need to defend it
    Up till now, management has not been able to provide us with the list they submitted. It is proven from the BNI unit that they never submitted the real list. So shut your big mouth up and let us fight for our right.if you are a man come to St Theresa's Hospital and fume and see what will happen to you. Kwasea

    June 8, 2020 Reply

    A man of God should not do that. It was an unfortunate deal if you don't know. I think he should apologize and calm them down .In time like these, a man of God should gather all the staffs and use the word of God to talk to them .
    IS IT TRUE THAT MANAGEMENT SENT WRONG LIST AS REQUESTED ??? Why are they quiet? Brother Dari, go to them and ask

  5. Bridget Esilfie
    June 14, 2020 Reply

    Am not surprised at all because that is how they are. Cheating and autocracy is their portion. Small thing queriy and if you are not a Catholic is even worse. They cheated my colleague at Catholic hospital at Dompoase. So wicked people.

  6. Charles Adoma
    July 8, 2020 Reply

    That is the nature of Catholics. Ignore them.
    They should learn from the Presbyterians.

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