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Rev Father’s anger gets TMA to work

January 28, 2021 By 0 Comments

How the roof of the school building looked like

The expression of the disappointment of Reverend Father Raymond Tetteh Otchwemah, Local Manager and Parish Priest of Saint Mary Anglican Church, Tema Manhean, in the Tema Metropolis, has seen him get the Tema Metropolitan Assembly (TMA) to replace all damaged roofing sheets of the Saint Mary’s Anglican A&B Primary School.

Some classes temporarily merged in one classroom while re-roofing of their classrooms progresses

Pupils of the two schools, before the lockdown in 2020, studied in classrooms with leaking roofs.

Indeed, some of the roofing sheets of the two schools had been ripped off months ago, resulting in the pupils learning in an ‘open top’ classroom, where they were left at the mercy of the scorching sun.

Carpenters on top of the roof

To save their few computers in the only ICT laboratory of the two schools, the teachers relocated them to the Headmaster’s office, and locking up the laboratory due to its sorry state.

Not oblivious of the painful condition the pupils and teachers of the Manhean Saint Mary’s Anglican A&B Primary School were being subjected to due to neglect, Titus Glover, then the Member of Parliament (MP) for the East Tema Constituency, promised to get the problem fixed.

The school is under the care of the Tema Metropolitan Assembly (TMA), and for that matter the government, so the school authority sent several SOS letters to the Assembly to, as soon as possible, move in to alleviate the suffering of the pupils and teachers.

Throughout the lockdown when schools were not in session, Reverend Raymond Tetteh Otchwemah expected the assembly to fix the problems of the school before resumption.

However, that was not the story, and the Parish Priest did not mince words expressing his huge disappointment at the assembly when a section of the media visited the school on Monday.

Reverend Otchwemah did not spare Felix Mensah Nii Anang-La, the Tema Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE), and the former MP, Titus Glover, for doing nothing to address the situation, despite several assurances from their offices.

“The school is under the management of the Tema Metropolitan Assembly through the Metro Education Directorate, and our situation has been in the news for years now. Teachers and pupils of the school are back to teach and learn under such a deplorable condition, after a long break. I am shocked the assembly did not take that period to renovate the school for the pupils and teachers. Schools resumed last week, and here we are with pupils forced to sit in poor classrooms to learn,” he bemoaned.

But The Chronicle’s source at the TMA, on Tuesday, said the expression of disappointment in the assembly by Reverend Otchwemah had prompted it to move to re-roof the schools.

The source said some carpenters had been sent to start work on the school building.

When The Chronicle visited the school on Tuesday, indeed, some carpenters were seen busily removing all the damaged roofing sheets to replace them with new ones.

In view of the ongoing work, some classes were temporarily merged, while the upper primary pupils temporarily studied under trees.

Some of the teachers expressed excitement that the visit by the media to the school on Monday had paid dividends, and hoped that, soon, the entire dilapidated school building would be rehabilitated.

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