Residents score Ada West DCE high marks

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Some residents of Ada West District have lauded their District Chief Executive (DCE), Adzoteye Lawer Akrofi, for the economic, political and stable security in the area.
Adzoteye Lawer Akrofi’s accommodating divergent views and constructive criticisms, according to the residents The Chronicle interacted with at Sege, the district capital, have helped him change the district, despite the little resources the area can boast of.
A trader at the Sege market, Charity Nakuoh, told The Chronicle that, for example, the district, under Mr Akrofi, can boast of a modern hospital and newly-constructed market at Sege, making the capital a 24-hour brisk business center.
Until his assumption of office, people in critical health conditions were rushed to either the Battor Catholic Hospital at North Tongu, the Ada East District Hospital at Faith Hope, or Tema General Hospital.
In view of the long distance from Ada West to the Tema General Hospital, and the bad nature of road from the district to the Battor Catholic Hospital and Faith Hope, only few of the patients survived.
“Today, I can proudly say that my DCE could lobby the government to provide us a modern hospital to save us the inconveniences of often travelling to Tema, Battor or Ada East for healthcare.
“Come and look at the newly-completed market sheds and the ongoing renovation of the public toilet. And, as a trader who needs places like these to do my business, I can’t, but score Mr Akrofi 95 percent for his leadership. He is a human being so I can’t score him 100 percent,” Charity Nakuoh explained.
Obed Martey, a commercial driver who commutes between Sege and Battor, told The Chronicle that the Assembly and District Police Command, under the DCE, hold regular workshops to refresh drivers on the road traffic regulations to save human lives.
The dire lack of financial resources has affected the rehabilitation of most deplorable roads in the district, however, Obed Martey explained that the Assembly has been able to fill potholes on the stretches that have them.
Other stretches have been graded to facilitate the movement of goods and passengers.
In his view, the filling of the potholes and grading of deplorable roads and the current phenomenal opening and graveling of the Sege township roads to ease their movements is a “major facelift, because our assembly does not have the financial muscle to give us tarred roads. We are making do with what the DCE and his Assembly are able to give us, and praying that central government will come to help us.
“Our roads are not the best, but I can confidently tell you that they are better than most roads in Ashaiman and Kpone-Katamanso where I have relations and friends.”
The healthy rapport between the Assembly and police has drastically reduced the crime rate in Ada West, and the residents say they are able to go about their businesses without fear.
A commercial biker (okada), Johnson Sebbie, popularly known as Bonnie M at Sege, explained that the DCE is enabling most of them to make ends meet.
“At his regular workshops for us okada boys, drivers and traders, the DCE constantly reminds us to take our personal security seriously. So, at our stations, markets and homes, whenever we suspect the strange movements of people, we boldly confront the person, and when in doubt, we effect a citizen’s arrest and hand the person to the police.
“Mr Akrofi keeps us up-to-date with challenges and developments in the district, and for me, as an indigene of Goi, my DCE has worked very hard to keep hopes in the district alive,” Sebbie said.
Lawer Ayiku, a member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and resident of Akplabanya, said: “The DCE was one of the strong pillars of the NPP in last year’s elections. I was surprised to see him, at his age, doing a house-to-house campaign for his party’s parliamentary and presidential candidates. He sank a lot of his energy in their campaign, and he needs commendation, especially when most of the young boys and girls of his party lazed around when they needed to work for their party which is struggling to gain grounds in the constituency.
“Maybe, just maybe, if the youth of the NPP had worked hard like Mr Akrofi, at his age did in the last elections, their party could have performed better. He used his office very well to canvass votes for the NPP, but most of his youth, who enjoyed their usual fanfair, worked against their own party.
“I need to commend Mr Akrofi for the political stability in the Constituency. At the Assembly, he does not discriminate in the distribution of projects, and he gives listening ears to all the political parties. He is a former teacher and so he was able to communicate his party’s programmes and agenda very well to the electorate, and for me, that gave his party some gains at Akplabanya, Goi, Kablevu, Anukpenya, Nakomkope, and Anyamam.
“Well, it will inure to their benefit should the President retain the DCE, because, you know… MrAkrofi has changed the face of the NPP in the Constituency, and I am telling you this with all honesty.”
Lawer Ayiku added that he would remember his DCE for acquiring a parcel of land for the ongoing construction of a residence for the office of the DCE, District Coordinating Director (DCD) and other staff.
“When the project is completed, the Ada West District will be among the very few MMDAs in the Greater Accra Region that will have a permanent residence for DCEs, DCDs and other staff. We, in the NDC, will give praise to our opponents when they do right. This DCE has left wonderful footprints, and, for me, he has done well,” he concluded.
The Ada West District Education Directorate used to operate in a rented house and relied on the Ada East Ghana Fire Service when there was an inferno.
“Today, under Mr Akrofi, our district has permanent offices for all the departments of the Education Directorate. We have a permanent bay, vehicle and office for the Ghana Fire and Ambulance services. He is the third DCE for the area and he is doing his best to bring us the needed developments,” a teacher at the Ada Senior/Technical School mentioned.

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