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Rawlings’ Legacy In Flames

February 18, 2021 By 0 Comments

The late former President Jerry John Rawlings signed the National Democratic Congress (NDC) into being as a political party with his blood. But just two months after his passing into eternity, confusion seems to have rocked the party, with people who worked closely with the late President Atta Mills alleging that they are being persecuted and hounded out of the party. One of such personalities is Mr Samuel Koku Anyidoho.

Koku has, on several platforms, indicated that there had been orchestrations against him for reasons that he stood loyal to his former boss, Professor Mills.  To ensure the sustenance of the legacy of the late President, Koku Anyidoho has founded and working as the Executive Director of the Atta-Mills Institute, which in the 2020 general elections participated as an observer.

Koku, who, after serving the late President Mills, contested and won as a Deputy General Secretary of the NDC, later chose to contest his then boss, the General Secretary, John Asiedu Nketiah, but lost. He has since not been in the good book of the leaders of the party.

Even Koku openly told the media during Ofosu Ampofo’s case with the police that he, Koku, had been disrespected by General Mosquito because he chose to contest him.

Koku told TV3 some time ago that when he went to the Criminal Investigation Department at the Police Headquarters in solidarity with Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, the National Chairman when he was invited by the police for questioning on an issue, Asiedu Nketiah interrupted a live interview and asked the journalist whether he did not know he, Koku, had contested and lost the General Secretary portfolio.

Koku, in the said TV3 interview further, stated that he was not only hurt by that, but felt disrespected. “When the General Secretary thinks that he can embarrass you because you entered into a contest with him and lost, I will not wake up in the morning and speak for the NDC,” he opined.

He has since gone out loud to speak his mind, which almost always goes against the NDC, including even cheering up the Akufo-Addo-Bawumia government because the duo renovated the abandoned Asomdwe Park, which holds the mortal remains of his cherished boss, Professor Mills. According to him, even his party, the NDC, abandoned that sacred place when they were in office.

Recently, some members of the NDC petitioned the National Executive Committee to deal with Koku, also known as ‘The Bull,’ for his utterances against the NDC, a petition which was upheld.

Speaking on his suspension on Okay FM, The Bull rubbished the said suspension and stated categorically that those who claimed to have suspended him were just making fun of themselves.

Koku wants men with repute to petition against men of repute, and not men with none, “for men who are supposed to be of repute to fall for the dagger of men who have no repute. I’m speaking literature.”

“My membership of the NDC is not in doubted. As I speak to you today, let me state unequivocally that nobody can push me out of the NDC. Let anybody dare push me out of the NDC and we will see what will happen. Anybody who is attempting is bluffing; they are bluffing. I have not received any letter; I say they are bluffing. All I am saying is that I will not destroy the NDC. In the same way, we will work hard to make sure that the legacies of President Mills and President Rawlings, and all the cadres who have suffered; that suffering shall not be in vain, and the NDC will not die; NPP will not die; CPP will not die; the democracy of Ghana will not die,” Koku stated.

Reacting to the suspension of his partner in the web of controversy, Bernard Allotey Jacobs, former Central Regional chairman of the party, posted on social media that they “will soon be vomiting snakes and frogs.”

The Educated Fisherman, Allotey Jacobs on Asempa FM yesterday, said that he has refused to write an apology letter the party’s disciplinary committee asked him to do.

According to him, the party told him to apologise because he said President Akufo-Addo is a matured politician. “And I will say it today that Nana Addo is a matured politician. They told me not to speak for the NDC, and you expect me to speak for the NDC?” he asked rhetorically.

Speaking in Twi, he said that the NDC brought it out that “they have suspended me. It is the same thing they did to Koku. Politics is a game of numbers. If you see a circle, you have to draw a bigger circle. Not that because you are a General Secretary, National Chairman you…”

Sharing his ordeal further, the former Central Regional Chairman of the NDC stated that some persons worked against him prior to the 2016 election, as such, he also looked on unconcerned, the reason the party suffered humiliating defeat.

Allotey recalled when he was told to organise a rally at the Cape Coast Stadium for then President and flagbearer John Mahama to attend, but the convention was stepped on. He narrated that whereas by convention it was the Regional Chairman who was supposed to welcome the flagbearer to the region for party work, the Region Minister rather was made to do that.

At the moment, Allotey Jacobs says his focus is to support President Akufo-Addo and his Vice, Mahamudu Bawumia, but will never be a member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), because he is a socialist.

“I am not a member of the NPP, and I will never be a member of the NPP. Me, I am a socialist. But for now, I will support Nana and Bawumia,” he added in Twi.

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