Ramos, Real Madrid in stand-off 

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To understand Sergio Ramos, his longevity and his many successes, you do not have to look far. His CV is displayed proudly across his body, in tattoos which are so numerous that little space remains for any more.

Whether the next inscription will be Real Madrid-related is a matter of increasing conjecture. Centre-back Ramos, 35, is out of contract in the summer and there is little sign of agreement over a new deal being reached.

The future of one of European football’s most successful modern captain-club relationships might be coming to an end. He has been on the brink before, but never in his 16 years at the Bernabeu has he been so close to leaving. But the difference this time is those conversations have previously never come this close to the wire.

Ramos for now wants to stay for the remainder of his career and is seeking a two-year deal on what he is currently earning, which is 12m euros (£10.7m) a year net.

The club, needless to say, see things completely differently. They claim Ramos has had an offer on the table since March 2020. An offer for one year that would see him staying on the same money he is on now. If he was prepared to take a 10% cut they would offer him a two-year deal, taking him beyond his 37th birthday.

What does this all mean for his future? As far as Real Madrid are concerned, unless they receive confirmation from him by March that he is prepared to agree to their offer, then they will assume his time at the Bernabeu is done. R

amos has threatened to start negotiations with other clubs by February. So, for the time being, the stand-off continues.



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