Queen Haizel walks off live TV interview

October 14, 2020 By 0 Comments

Ghanaian singer, Queen Haizel angrily walked off a live interview after a panelist described her in unsavoury terms.
The panelist, who was on the show with Queen Hazel, which was being broadcasted live on Hill TV, labelled the musician a ‘prostitute’.
Queen Haizel, who was angry with the comment immediately got up and left the interview. She was advised to stay and finish the show, but she still stood her grounds and left the interview.

The panelist who got Queen Hazel angry later issued a disclaimer on social media saying; “I want to officially bring to the notice of the general public that on the Hill_TV show, I never and will never raise my voice on Queen Haizel, nor disrespect any woman. I only made a truthful submission on the need for a good marriage. Moreover, I apologised and even didn’t get angry when she left the show.”

Source: gossips24.com

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