Politics now playing ground for fools; Archbishop Emeritus Sarpong

November 25, 2020 By 0 Comments

The Most Rev. Peter K. Sarpong, Archbishop Emeritus of the Catholic Church in Kumasi, has bemoaned the character and attitude of most politicians in our body politic.

His worry is that politics has now been turned into a field where fools play, because most of the politicians do not know the fundamental task of harmonising the diverse interests and aspirations of our men, women and children.

According to him, doctors are trained in medical schools, engineers in technical schools, teachers in colleges of education, and questioned the type of school or institute where aspiring politicians study in order to be able to accomplish the fundamental task of harmonising the diverse interests and aspirations of their people.

Archbishop Sarpong  stated that the government was like teaching, and in teaching, the teacher must know not only his or her students, but also the subject to be taught, adding that he/she has to know the language of their students, and the students must likewise know the language of the teacher.

He said the language that the politician must understand is the combined interests and aspirations of all the groups in the community, which comprise farmers, engineers, carpenters, bankers, teachers, traders, scientists, fishermen, drivers and priests.

Speaking at the 11th graduation ceremony of Spiritan University College at Ejisu in the Ashanti Region, the Catholic Archbishop said knowledge in psychology, ethics, sacrifice, management techniques, communication and philosophy was of absolute importance for such a task, but unfortunately, politics has become a field where fools rush in and play when angels fear to tread.

He noted that because of the enormous influence that politics gives, many just rush in for the by-product, completely ignoring the main effect of politics, which should be happiness, peace, security, development and order in society.

According to the Archbishop, human beings are by nature gregarious, and for that matter, we need each other’s inputs in our lives, but the way in which individuals or groups of individuals come by their noble functions had taken on different cultures, societies and times, throughout history.

Rev. Fr. Dr. Anthony Anomah, Rector of the College, stated that the vision and mission of the University College was to be an academy of excellence in research and teaching of African philosophy, through comprehensive Catholic, and particularly Spiritan, formation.

The Rector said students shall be taught the human condition and enable them make informed decisions and preferentially opt to commit themselves to the service of the poor and marginalised in our society.

Rev. Fr. Dr. Anomah appealed to the government, through the Ministry of Education, to allow private universities to admit some of the Free Senior High graduates next academic year.

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