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Police grant eleven Nigeria sex workers bail

The Asokwa Divisional police have granted bail to the eleven Nigerian sex workers who were arrested in connection with the demise of a man who died mysteriously in the middle of sexual intercourse at Asafo BB, near Neoplan station in Kumasi.

According to the District Commander, Supt. Christopher Owusu Mpianin, they are looking for one lady, who is said to be an eyewitness to the incident to assist in investigating about what really led to the death of the sex worker’s client.

In a telephone interaction with The Chronicle over the weekend, he disclosed that no family has contacted the command about the demise of their relative and that they are waiting for the owner of the rickshaw (Mahama Camboo) to give them vital information about the background of the deceased.

Asked about what led to the release of the suspects, Supt. Owusu Mpainin explained that upon investigation, they found out that they are innocent, adding that the prime suspect sustained injuries during the alleged attack by the deceased client and must be allowed to seek medical attention.

Last week, the Asokwa Divisional Police Command raided the Asafo BB and arrested a Nigerain sex worker together with ten other Nigerian sex workers, following the demise of a man, 30, who engaged one of them.

Supt Christopher Owusu Mpianin told The Chronicle that the incident happened around 02:00 am on Sunday.

According to the police, the deceased went to the brothel facility known as Anidasour Hotel, a one storey-building to patronise the services of a sex worker who is a Nigerian.

According to Supt Mpianin, the sex worker alleged that during the sexual intercourse, the deceased held her neck, threatening to kill her. The development led to a struggle between the two.

He said investigation is underway to establish how the man died, whether he fell from the storey building or what really occurred to him.

In an attempt to identify the deceased, the police seized a rickshaw he reportedly drove to the brothel.  They have subsequently written to the Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) to find out the real owner.

Supt Christopher Owusu Mpianin appealed to the media to inform the public about the demise for the family to come and identify him.


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