PERISCOPE :   (Advocate against cheating and of peaceful co-existence) Should Abortion Be Legalised? ?

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For quite a long time now, there have been debates on whether, ABORTION SHOULD BE LEGALISED OR NOT.

First, let us hear from a medical authority, Dr. Geraldine Flanagen of America, a strong opponent of abortion. Dr. Flanagen’s research findings have been published in her book, “The First Nine Months of Life”.

According to her, “a baby is genetically complete at conception, and his heart is beating by the 25th day. By the 28th day, his legs and arms have started to form, as toes, his eyes and ears; his brain has distinctly human features. In the 6th week, the first bone cells appear and begin to replace the cartilage of the already complete skeleton.

“The baby’s development is a continuous process. The birth at nine months is simply an incident in an already far advanced process.

“If it is wrong to kill a child at birth,” maintains Dr. Flanagen, “it must be wrong to kill him at 28 weeks, 16 weeks, 8 weeks, 4 weeks. Human life is continuous; it’s entirely arbitrary to pick a moment and say, now he’s human, before that, he wasn’t.” (I picked the above from my morgue. It appeared on the Women’s Page of the Daily Graphic of Thursday, December 4, 1975. The page was then being edited by Miss Vicky Wireko).

I personally think the same way with the renowned Dr. Flanagen. Abortion is murder in disguise; a subtle destruction of human life. The callous murder is done on the altar of the philosophy of “UNWANTED PREGNANCY.” But when is a pregnancy unwanted?

Simply, “unwanted pregnancy” means that the woman is not ready to have babies. She may be a rape victim; a bloke tensed up to breaking point might have released his dog-like libido on the poor woman or the helpless girl.

Apart from the fact that the girl is not ready to have babies, she is scared stiff at the thought of giving birth to a criminal’s child, for who knows the boy, while if a girl, the mother would not like her presence to remind her of the brutal act.

“Unwanted pregnancy” may also arise when the girl conceived by accident, that is either her partner was in a hurry to release his tension or the girl’s contraceptive failed her.

There is also a situation in which married couples may have enough children, but, unfortunately, another mouth is on the way to add to their woes.

The youth of today love fun but fear pregnancy, like how a child fears kaakaamotobi. They are what the Akans will say “Wope asem, suro asem”, to wit, they love fun but fear the consequence. They forget that roses have thorns.  Thus, they panic and decide to show the poor foetus its proper place – Pit latrines, gutters.

There are also these ladies of the night, who do not seem to realise the usefulness of children. Their main preoccupation is to make themselves attractive to be easily desired by men. Thus, these ladies consider the arrival of a baby as a stumbling block to their carefree lives. They, therefore, resort to abortion.

Now, comparing today’s youth with those of yore, it may not be an exaggeration to credit the latter with good moral training from home. Parents of that era, as history judges, were strict on their children’s behaviours. It was virtually a taboo for the youth to engage in love affairs. Teenage pregnancy was, therefore, unknown.

In comparison, the youth of the present era seem to be kilometres ahead of the so-called civilisation, the television sets, videos, etc., with their screens bombarded with dances of “atopa,” as if their dancers have spring waists! There are also pornographic films which are capable of filling the youth with the burning desire for sex, that is, they practice what they see on television and wider screens.

Parental control is extremely lax, and this leads to the girls putting on revealing dresses, which, without the least doubt, attract male attention. Sexual relationships then follow in most cases. Teenage pregnancy then results.

The man then panics, because some of them, even, have wedded wives at home. They, therefore, induce the poor girls, some of whom are even in school, to abort the pregnancy!

Because of the lax training in the home, the girls become slaves to a materialistic type of life, sleeping with rich men old enough to be their fathers and, even grandfathers, just to get enough money to finance their expensive lifestyles. Just listen to what some school girls said: “When dollars are speaking, coins are making noise.”

If formerly we did not know that abortion is murder, a famous American doctor, Dr. Geraldine Flanagen, has boldly and confidently told us it is murder. Let us, therefore, avoid it at all costs.

To this end, parents and guardians must give relevant attention to the responsible training of their children, especially their daughters, so that men will not take advantage of them and impregnate them. The National Commission for Civic Education should take up the challenge and complement the efforts of parents and guardians.

Family Planning and other women’s organisations such as the National Council on Women and Development (NCWD), etc., should all get involved in educating the youth on sex. Such an agenda of educating the youth must, necessarily, take them to educational institutions.

The young ones must be constructively advised to exercise maximum restraint in their sex lives till they are matured enough to settle down to raise families. Our ladies of the night must also know that if they continue to kill their fetuses, there will be nobody to be their supporting rods in their old age, when ugly wrinkles will let them be like scarecrows to, even, their regular customers.

Churches, the bitterest opponent against abortion, should preach against it from their pulpits since it is murder, but our compassionate and Gracious Bearded Old Man Above (BOMA) says “THOU SHALL NOT KILL –Exodus 20:13.


The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect The Chronicle’s editorial stance

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