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PDS/ECG contractors go wild over non-payment of executed contracts

March 31, 2021 By 0 Comments

Some private electrical contractors are on the neck of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) demanding payment for contracts they executed under the now cancelled Power Distribution Service (PDS).

The contractors are alleging that the power distributing company, led by its Managing Director (MD), Kwame Agyemang-Budu, was unwilling to pay them for contracts they genuinely executed, dating back to the PDS days.

As part of their agitation, the irate contractors have sent a strongly-worded petition to the ECG MD and copied to the Energy Minster, Chief of Staff, Chairman of Parliamentary Select Committee on Energy, and Executive Secretary to the President, to push for the payment.

They are threatening that if the ECG fails to pay them, they would move to the project sites to remove their materials, and that could trigger another round of dum-so (power outage) fears.

“Sir, you will agree with us that we the ECG contractors have over the years been very patient in demanding payments for contracts executed. As a result, it seems our long-held patience is being taken for granted.

“Therefore, our call is ‘pay us now’. We are giving you two weeks within which, if you fail to pay, we will resort to harder and more devastating actions,” the petition, signed by one of their leaders, Nyame Berko, indicated.

They reminded ECG that “under the auspices of ECG, some of us were awarded IGF contracts and Ghana Energy Development and Access Project (GEDAP) contracts in 2017, where in the case of GEDAP contract 90% funding was provided by World Bank and African Development Bank,” adding, “We are very much aware that the funding agencies have provided their parts of the money. Yet, till date, you have not paid us, in spite of the fact that almost all of us have completed the projects fully.”

They said that “in 2019, when PDS took over ECG under the MIDA Concession, some of us were awarded contracts where funding came from PDS. Yet, most of us have not been paid, regardless of completing those projects.

“Ironically, when we met at Alisa Hotel, you claimed since such contracts were not awarded by ECG, you will not pay. Again, at that meeting, we vehemently opposed to your proposition not to pay. But your attitude affirms that you do not want to pay us. Well, be reminded that you may have your say, while we also may have our way.”

The petition further alleged that money was available at ECG for the company to pay them, but officialdom was refusing to do so.

“In effect, we remind you that if within two weeks you fail to see reason with us, we will move from sub-station to sub-station and remove all materials we fixed.”

The ECG is yet to respond to the petition.

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