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Parliament waives $878 tax for IT training Academy

July 15, 2020 By 0 Comments

Parliament has approved an amount of $878,364.92 tax waiver to aid in the construction of the Ghana Revenue Authority’s IT Training Academy Project.

The waiver is to help in the procurement of IT equipments, materials and services that would be imported into the country for the construction of the project.

Justifying why such an amount of money should be waived, a report submitted by Parliament’s Finance Committee said that it would improve efforts to modernise the tax revenue system in the country.

It would also improve the usage of IT-based business processes for better service delivery, the report said.

Additionally, it will enable the GRA improve on its IT-literacy and provide skills to ensure proper use of the IT applications within GRA.

Throwing more light on the project, the Finance Committee’s report, which was signed by Dr Mark Assibey-Yeboah, Chairman of the Committee, indicated that the scope of the project includes the construction of a fully equipped building for IT to be situated at Tema.

The report said there will also be the implementation of a structure to develop, organise and execute IT training, as well as the implementation of Computer Based Training, conducted locally at the offices, which is supported by coaches.

Commenting on the report, Member of Parliament for Kumbungu, Mr Ras Mubarak, said that granting the waiver for the construction of the IT training Academy was very important since it will improve upon revenue mobilisation.

The Kumbungu legislator noted that a lot of money goes untaxed, which contributes to revenue fall in the country, hence it is important that the academy is built to solve this issue.

He observed that there are people who receive monies and other items as gifts but do not pay taxes on them because they are gifts.

However, it is very important for every Ghanaian to pay tax if we want better and improved facilities.

“It is important that if we want more roads, if we want more schools, if we want more hospitals and other facilities, then we have to pay our taxes. And in paying taxes we need to improve the efficiency of the tax collecting agency through enhanced capacity building, so that they can do the job that they are enjoined to do.”

He called on his colleagues to support the approval of the report so that Ghana will have the facilities for effective revenue mobilisation.



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