Ogbame Selby’s name removed from MCE aspirant list again?

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After employing dirty tactics to prevent him from contesting the Evalue Gwira primary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), there is another plot that has been hatched, this time to deny him the chance of rising to the position of the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for the area.

After receiving endorsement from the Gwira Traditional Paramount for the MCE position, Eric Ogbame Selby applied for the position of the MCE of the area and was consequently vetted. Regrettably, the dream of Eric Ogbame Selby, an indigene of Gwira, to use the MCE position to serve his people may have come to an abrupt end.

This is because a big fish in the party is being threatened by Eric Ogbame Selby’s ambition for the MCE position, and has allegedly orchestrated to remove his name from the list of candidates who have made it to the national vetting.

Credible information gathered from the quarters of the committee that vetted Eric Ogbame Selby and seven others for the Nzema East Assembly position has confirmed the latter was among three candidates who qualified for the national vetting.

The other candidates mentioned are Frank Okpenyene, the incumbent MCE, Dorcas Amoah and Eric Ogbame Selby himself. The percentage score at the vetting received by this reporter are as follows;

Frank Okpenyen – 80%, Eric Ogbame Selby – 41%, Eric Essien -14%, Isaac Nkrumah – 14%, Anthony Amoah – 31%, Prince Erzuah – 34%, Dorcas Elizabeth Amoah – 32% and Maxwell Cudjoe- 34%

Regrettably, Ogbame, who came second, has had his name removed from the list of candidates who made it to the national vetting.

Ogbame confirmed in a telephone interview with this reporter that he was reliably informed his name had been yanked from the list.

“I’m aware. A whole lot of people call to inform me that they have removed my name from the list. I qualified and I do not know why they are doing this. Last four years, they did same to me by preventing me from contesting the Incumbent MP’.

He accused one of the party gurus of hatching the plot to remove his name from the list, because he felt threatened by him rising to the position of the MCE.

“I am seriously worried because when you do this, the party stands to suffer in the end. The way they are doing their things, they are causing more harm to the party than causing harm to me. Information I personally received from the vetting committee put me second to the candidate who scored highest mark. However, they have removed my name from the list’.

Regional Minister and Chairman of the Vetting Committee, Kwabena Okyere Darko, told this reporter that: “my work is for the national team so I cannot comment on the list.”

Earlier, the regional Minister had told this reporter that those who made it to the national vetting would be contacted by telephone.

Nana Obiri Boahene, Deputy General Secretary, who was also part of the vetting committee, on his part told this reporter the list containing the names of aspirants who qualified for the next level have been submitted to the national vetting committee.

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