NPP vows to boot out Muntaka

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The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has launched ‘Spartans of NPP Youth’, a youth group, with the mandate to canvass for votes to unseat the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Asawase constituency. Spartans has also been mandated to target the youth who have defected from the NDC and new voters.

At the inauguration of the group at Aboabo, a suburb of Kumasi, Hadjia Hafsat Gimbiya, who is the Founder of Spartans of NPP Youth, bemoaned that the zongo communities in the Asawase Constituency were tired of voting for the opposition NDC, stressing that they were poised to change their voting pattern this time.

According to Hafsat, over the years, the majority of residents in Asawase had been voting for the NDC and Mr Muntaka Mubarak, but their voting pattern had not had any meaningful impact on their lives.

She further indicated that everybody knows zongo gives the NDC a lot of votes, and it is their stronghold, but residents of the zongos are saying, this year, they will change their pattern of voting and vote for the NPP.

Hadjia Hafsat Gimbiya contended that the zongo communities had benefitted from Akufo-Addo’s Free Senior High School (SHS), Free Technical and Vocational Training, Zongo Development Fund, and a lot more. This, she argued, is the yardstick they would use to determine the way they would vote.

Mr. Mutala Mohammed, a known NDC member who had defected to the NPP, noted that every political party had its vision and direction, and that he favours that of the NPP.

Prince Aakuter, a youth activist and football fan, opined that he had come to realise that the NPP had visions for the youth, citing the building of astro turfs in the zongo communities across Ghana as an example.

“We have one astro turf in Aboabo, and another one is on its way, so I have to support this idea by joining the NPP because it will help me and the entire Zongo and Moslems in Ghana. We are hopeful to garner 5,000 youth by next month, Insha Allah, to vote for NPP.”

The NPP parliamentary candidate for Asawase Constituency, Alhaji Alidu Seidu, who is also the Municipal Chief Executive for Asokre Mampong in the Ahanti Region, underscored that the youth, who Hadjia Gimbiya organised to set up the Spartans organisation, defected from the NDC to NPP.

He expressed appreciation to Dr Rauf for bringing on Spartans of the NPP Youth to augment the campaign to win Asawase Constituency seat from the NDC.

On how the NPP intends to take the Asawase seat, Alidu Seidu noted that they had been advised that regardless of their hard work, they have to be on the ground and campaign vigorously by selling the good works of the Akufo-Addo administration to the people of Asawase.

“We are working hard to win the Asawase seat, since the NPP came to power, we have done tremendously well in Asawase. It is mind-blowing to find out that we used three and half years to undertake these projects in Asawase.”

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