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No more lockdown, impact is very severe -Minister

May 15, 2020 By 0 Comments

The effect of lockdown is very severe, and as such, the government does not wish to experience another, the Health Minister, Kwaku Agyeman Manu, has said.

According to the Minister, the three weeks lockdown taught the government a great lesson, compelling it to put the necessary measures in place, especially as it fights the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Residents in some parts of the country had to endure 21-days partial lockdown when positive cases of the COVID-19 were adding up. During those times, the government, as well as other groups and individuals, had to supply food to the vulnerable in society. But, all these were not enough, as people kept wailing of hunger, with some threatening to disobey the lockdown, damning the consequences.

Speaking at the regular press briefing at the Information Ministry, the Health Minister asserted: “Generally, the lockdown is not something that we believe is going to work any longer. Except that it is now we have realised – the lockdown taught us a lot of things, and its impact is quite severe, so what we have to do now is we have to learn to live with the disease.”

The Health Minister was responding to a question on whether there would be a lockdown in Obuasi, considering the number of cases confirmed in that area.

The Minister said that a team had been dispatched to Obuasi to assess the situation on the ground, and its report, upon return, would guide the government on the decision to take.


Mr Agyeman Manu explained the various insurance packages the government had arranged for frontline health workers in the fight against the virus.

According to the Minister, the insurance, which all potential beneficiaries are aware of, are in three components, and that applicants must vet their status with each of the components to know if they qualify.

In all, he said the insurance was done for 10,000 health workers who may be critically ill, get disabled or die in the line of duty.

“We have done for 10,000 staff. The three elements of it – if you fall ill, you may treat it. But, if you should get into a situation where you become temporarily disabled, then you will get GH¢10,000.

“But, if they treat and you are well and you can go about your normal duties without disability, that doesn’t qualify you to take that money. If one gets infected and one dies, we will give GH¢350,000 for life.

“If you get ill and we are treating you and the cost of treatment goes beyond certain margins, we will pay GH¢25,000 extra to take care of you. These are the three components. And if you get into a situation where you have been exposed and you want to apply for it, you should consider that these things will be vetted before you become eligible, even to take anything, and I have said this to the nurses, doctors and other health workers.”


Meanwhile, Ghana’s Covid-19 cases have increased by 122, making the total number of cases 5,530, the Director of Public Health at the Ghana Health Service (GHS), Dr Badu Sarkodie, said at yesterday’s press briefing.

He also indicated that the deaths still remain 24, but five still remained critically ill, though no one is on ventilator.

Fortunately, the country has recorded a rise in the number of recoveries which now stands at 674.

Giving a breakdown of the new cases, Dr Sarkodie said 57 were recorded in the Greater Accra Region, 62 in the Ashanti Region, two in the Central Region, and one in the Western North Region.

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