Nitiwul advises Konkombas to take part in population census

The Minister for Defence, Dominic Aduna Bingab Nitiwul has called on all Konkomba chiefs and the executives of the Konkomba Youth Association (KOYA) to educate all Konkombas across the country on the need for them to take part in the 2021 population and housing census.

The last time Ghana organised population and housing census was in 2000. But for the COVID-19 pandemic, the exercise would have been conducted in 2020.

Speaking at this year’s KOYA delegates congress in Saboba on Saturday April 3, 2021 Mr Nitiwul said the population of every country is key to its development, thus the need for chiefs and KOYA executives to educate their people about the importance of the exercise before it is rolled out.

He said allocation of social amenities and development in general is based on the population of an area and as such, if Konkombas want to be properly catered for by the central government in its planning, they must be enumerated in the upcoming exercise.

On their heritage and culture, Mr Nitiwul challenged the chiefs to revive the Guinea Corn and Yam Festivals which they have not celebrated for some time now.

Yam and Guinea Corn festivals are distinctly celebrated by Konkombas in Ghana. The two festivals are celebrated during different seasons, but for some years now the festivals have not been celebrated.

It is against this background that the Bimbila Member of Parliament appealed to all Konkomba chiefs and their people to revive the two festivals.

Mr Nitiwul encouraged all Konkomba chiefs across the country to celebrate these festivals in their respective areas before they are climaxed in Saboba, the traditional home of Konkombas. This, he observed, would serve as a platform for Konkombas to keep their tradition alive while sustaining peace and development everywhere Konkombas are in the country.

On KOYA, Mr Nitiwul acknowledged the role the association plays in the development of Kikpakpang and said the association needs to be supported to do more.

Mr Nitiwul said, “If you need any support to do your work, we the Konkomba workers will help you to succeed.”

Since its establishment over 4 decades ago, KOYA has championed the development of the Konkomba people not only in the traditional home of Konkombas, Saboba but other parts of the country where Konkombas are living. The association has also been at the forefront of conflict resolution in conflicts that involved Konkombas and other tribes.

The paramount Chief of the Saboba Traditional Area, UborBowan John MateerSakojim IV used the occasion to caution farmers in his traditional area not to resort to the use of weapons in settling land disputes if they erupt.

Ubor Mater Sakojim IV said, “Sons and daughters of Kikpakpang, once more the rains are setting in and very soon, our people will go back to their farms. Issues of ownership of farm lands are bound to arise. In all these agitations, I want to appeal to our people not to resort to the use of weapons in settling these issues. Let us resort to the use of dialogue and use due process of law to address our grievances.”

During the congress, the delegates elected JawolBisunna Titus as the President of KOYA.

Other elected executives included 1st Vice President, Alina Nsanyaan Bingo, 2nd Vice President, Dr KandoBukari Samuel, General Secretary, Nagbija Elvis Poliyeh, Deputy General Secretary, Emmanuel N-yajapoaOnajah, Treasurer, BikalaBilawanKennedy, Organising Secretary, Watcher Edward Seidu, Assistant Organising Secretary (Male), Nachinbor Daniel, Assistant Organising Secretary (Female), Esther Onaja

Some of the top Konkomba politicians who attended this year’s KOYA convention included Ghana’s former Ambassador to Angola, Ambassador Moses BukariMabengba, former Deputy Chief of Staff under the erstwhile NDC administration, Kenneth Wujanji, former MP for Saboba, Charles Bintim, former MP for Kpandai, Mathew Nyindam, MP for Pru West, Stephen Jalulah, MP for AttebubuAmantin, SanjaNanja, Oti Regional Minister, Joshua Makubu.

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