My fans don’t like it when I’m being touched romantically on screen -Jackie Appiah

Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah has revealed that she’s noticed her fans don’t like it when she’s being touched romantically on screen. Jackie was speaking in an Instagram live session with former CNN anchor Isha Sesay when she made the revelation.

When answering a question about some of the roles her fans don’t like for her to play she said:

“I noticed my fans don’t like it when I’m being touched on screen.

“There was one time I was in a studio and there was a kissing scene and the guy was like don’t touch her don’t her…they are very protective of me,” she said.

Jackie also added that there are some roles she wouldn’t play especially when it involves stripping naked.

Jackie Appiah also revealed that she has always wanted to be a lawyer in the beginning. According to the award-winning actress, she grew up in a family of lawyers, hence she figured she’d join in the line.

However, recounting an experience in her childhood that made her realize her passion was really in acting, Jackie stated that she was watching Barney as a child and she saw an ad for actors which was all the way in New York. Even though she couldn’t make it for that audition, she participated in school plays and any acting gig she could come across.

Credit: ameyawdebrah.com

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