My dad didn’t fight me over my dreadlocks -M.anifest

March 25, 2021 By 0 Comments

M.anifest has thrown back to his days of dreadlocks and he’s got questions to answer. The dreadlocks hair-do is currently a topic on social media following the two students who were denied admission in Achimota School because of their hair.

The report has since divided the country as people either supported the school’s decision or faulted the school’s claim that it can’t admit the brilliant students because of their hair whilst on record to have admitted Caucasians with long hair.

In the moment of this debate on social media over prejudice towards people with dreadlocks, M.anifest dropped a throwback photo to years back when he had dreadlocks.

The photo came as a surprise to some fans with one wondering the number of fights the Ghanaian rapper may have had with his dad, renowned Ghanaian lawyer, Tsatsu Tsikata Esq, over his dreadlocks.

I imagine the so many fights u had with your own Dad because of this,” a Facebook user Rudolf Klasnic wrote in the screenshot below and the rapper replied “number of fights over this = zero“.

Credit: pulse.com.gh


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