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Military cane passengers for defying ‘trotro’ social distance protocol

April 1, 2020 By 0 Comments

Residents of Asem near Fante New-Town had a rare Hollywood movie scene, when military officers subjected a driver and his passengers to severe caning for defying presidential social distance protocol in commercial vehicles.

Like a Hollywood movie scene, the driver had no choice than to bolted, leaving his mate and passengers behind, when the military started caning him severely.

The military officers, who were numbered about fifteen, were coming from the Zongo Police Station direction when they detected that the driver had defied the presidential orders.

Speaking to an eyewitness, name withheld, he explained that they were coming from the Jubilee Park direction and thought the military troops were going to stop them and query them about where they were out in the face of the lockdown,

But to their surprise, the military vehicle stopped, ordering the trotro driver, who was bound for Roman Hill to stop near the Altar Gate Chapel, where a woman sells Hausa porridge. He indicated that the driver came for his car after the military had left and drove the passengers off to their destination.

According to him, with the exception of one old lady, every passenger on the trotro vehicle was caned by the military officers.

On a working visit to the Central Business District (CBD), The Chronicle observed that military personnel were combing the metropolis in their skeletal armoured car. At the CBD, they were sighted wielding canes as they drove through Adum.

Police and military have been conducting snap checks on the number of passengers on commercial vehicles.

By Richard Owusu-Akyaw /

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