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Mask ambassadors deplore indiscriminate disposal of nose masks

March 2, 2021 By 0 Comments

Mask Ambassadors, a group of journalists and health professionals advocating the wearing of nose masks in the Sunyani Municipality, have deplored the indiscriminate disposal of used nose masks by individuals.

Speaking with Fadda Frederick on ‘Anopa Nimdee Adwasuo’ on Sunyani-based Nimdee FM, a Health Promotion Officer and Mask Ambassador, Madam Evelyn Opoku Agyemang, stressed that to help ensure the safe disposal and handling of masks during the COVID-19 crisis, one could either wrap it with a plastic bag or drop it into a dustbin. “After using a nose mask, cover it with a rubber bag and drop it in a dustbin,” she said.

She said nose masks, especially the surgical ones, are bio-degradable and it is best to bury them to avoid endangering animals and marine lives, adding the surgical mask must not be used for more than a day.

Naa Aku Shika Allotey, also a Mask Ambassador, noted with satisfaction that the increased rate at which people wear the nose mask in the Sunyani Municipality, and added that if this is continued the fight against the virus would not be in vain.

The Sunyani Municipal Mask Ambassadors came together last year in the wake of the novel Coronavirus and embarked on intensive public education and sharing of noses in the municipality.

With the second wave of Covid-19 around, the Mask Ambassadors have also embarked on their second round of campaign to get everybody to mask up to protect lives.

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