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Mahama is coming to waste money -Kofi Coomson

May 21, 2020 By 5 Comments

Though former President Mahama is very optimistic of victory come the December 7 presidential poll and vigorously campaigning towards that, in the opinion of the publisher of The Chronicle, Nana Kofi Coomson, he is only coming to spend money and that winning would remain a dream for him.
Kofi Coomson was speaking in an interview with Fiifi Banson on ‘Truth and Untruth,’ a show which was aired on GhOne TV last Sunday.
The renowned journalist, who is noted for his open fight with ‘bad’ politicians, was asked if money had a chance of winning the elections, he responded that “he (Mahama) should comeback to spend money.”
The host pressed on the same question for emphasis, and Kofi Coomson, who has followed politics in Ghana for a long time, said, “I don’t think Mahama can win.”
The Chronicle publisher also touched on the suit he filed against a late Central Regional Minister, Isaac Edumadze, who he described as a bully, and the numerous court cases that were filed against him as Editor of the paper. “It was a lot. I had to go to court every other day. I was regular in court,” he said
Reminiscing on the radical nature of the then Ghanaian Chronicle in those times, Kofi Coomson said no government official attempted bribing him to kill a story. “Luckily, no! In fact, at that time, everybody knew you dare not go to Kofi Coomson because he will expose you. I was feared. I know that. It was dangerous to approach Kofi Coomson. Nobody made an offer. Because if you make an offer to Kofi Coomson, the following day it will be on the front page,” he revealed.
One of the many interesting publications of Kofi Coomson was when he managed to outsmart national security operatives to visit Vida Ofori, a minister of state at the time on her hospital bed, had an interview with her, took pictures and published them in the then Ghanaian Chronicle Newspaper. The woman had been shot.
Recalling the story, Kofi Coomson said: “Vida Ofori, I went there and presented myself that I was coming to visit Vida Ofori, I had food in my basket. They (Security) allowed me in and I took pictures and did what I had to do and came out and published it in The Chronicle. It was as easy as that.”
He told the security personnel that he had come from Castle, but fortunately or unfortunately, the security did not ask for the specific castle, whether the presidential castle or not.
“At that time, they thought when you say castle it is the Osu Castle, office of the government. But, when they took me on, I said I was from the Elmina Castle,” he told his host.
Kofi Coomson said his regret is what he has not been able to do, but not what he has done.

5 Comments on "Mahama is coming to waste money -Kofi Coomson"

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    Copomson was a trailblazer

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