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Letter to Senior Opupulepu (127) The Elephant People’s Family’s Association of Tsalewote Sojas

January 15, 2021 By 0 Comments

Dear Senior Opupulepu,
How are you do? As for me and my family we are all do fine.
Senior, you remember what almost happened to the Elephant Family during the immediate past lot-casting festival?
Senior, it came to past that most of the Elephants cast lots for the Great Leopard, our Omanhene, Nana Onsuruwuo Owubiayeowu. However, an equal to or greater than that number voted against the Elephants’ choice of Municipal Police.
Senior, when asked, they complained that the elders never made them choose the choice they wanted to choose and went ahead and implanted on them some unknown and semi-unknown people.
Senior, I overhead that in one Municipal kiosk, the people there love plenty apio. As in ogyateshie, which is distilled in Bubuashie and wholesaled in Teshie. In fact, they use apio to wash their faces and mouth when they wake up in the morning, and even drink apio for tea.
Senior, one interesting thing is that these people never see two-two, three-three, and they can even drink one barrel and yet when they sit on iron horses, they will get to their destination pepeepe without running into things, as to invite any professional thief slapper to come and have conversations with them.
Senior, the thing is the elders of the Elephant Family were so much confused about the Great Leopard’s scooter moto, “The War is Yahweh’s,”and thought by using the name Yahweh, our Omanhene wanted only born-again, die-again and resurrected again, pray-for-me, pray-for-me people, to study and write exams for the Municipal Police competitions. They, therefore, took someone who swore that it is in the Holy Book that drinking is not good, so he even drinks water moderately.
Senior, but upon seeing this guy man of righteousness, the villagers at that Municipal kiosk, proclaimed that “it is written that believers must not yoke with unbelievers,” so they rejected the anointed one.
Senior, many were those anointed ones handpicked by the elders of the Elephant Family, who heard in their ears, “clap, clap, clap, clap….AWAY!” And had to accept the fact that, “yes, indeed, a prophet is not wanted in his own house and hamlet.”
Senior, as it became of the situation, the Elephants lost a lot of Municipal Police to the Umbrellas. In fact, some of these rejected stones look like they will never be used as cornerstones, since their own kinsmen had trampled upon them and declaring in spirit and in truth, that they were Away Bus for goodness and for good.
Senior, not all of the anointed ones were rejected. Some had faith smaller than the size a guava seed, and with that, instead of moving trees and mountains, as Yahweh’s Begotten Son, Yesu Christus Christi, instructed, they used the opportunity of that faith to move their body and soul into the House of Municipal Police.
Senior, but they too did something which put into implementation the adage which goes like this, “fear Yahweh and live long, fear woman and live forever,” or as proclaimed by Kwasia Bi Nti’s classmate, the Only John Who Became Sir, “fear delegates.”
Senior, even though they were planted upon people by fire by force after they narrowly won the right to be Municipal Police, they refused to accept anyone to be planted on them in the House of Municipal Police.
Senior, it came to pass that there was the need to nominate and choose a Human Loud-Speaker for the House, and these same elders of the Elephant Family, who only know how to plant people on people by heart, decided to plant upon the Municipal Police the immediate past Human Loud Speaker, who is St. Michael aka Afro Moses’ Elder Brother, who can see through anything Opaque.
Senior, all along those Municipal Police who were planted upon their kinsmen were actually allergic to have people planted on their heads. You see the world, hmmmmm. It is like that. No one who stages a successful coup will tolerate people who stage coups against them. This simple logic escaped the minds of the elders of the Elephant Family. They thought it was going to be the situation of “I scratch your back and you scratch my back.” But that was not the case, because after the lot-casting, even though the Elephants in the House outnumbered and outweighed the Umbrella by 5 to 2, after the lots were counted the Umbrella man nominated for the Human Loud Speaker position, in the person of Albion Barbie, not the Barbie doll some, won the lot casting by 10 to 1.5. Which meant some Elephants who felt they would be rewarded with Albion trucks rejected their own family member and elder, Afro Moses’ Elder Brother. Hmmmmm! This is life for you.
Senior, we were there sitting our somewhere on our own, minding our own business, trying without success to make sense of happenings in Ogyakrom in these present times, when some unknown brothers and sisters from the Elephant Family came out to identify themselves as the Concerned Union of Tsalewote Sojas Association, CUTSA for short. When I say CUTSA, I am not mean kotsa as in sponge, as the Kpakpo Shito and Chapi-Chapi clans of Ogyakrom call it. So please do not misquote me.
Senior, these tsalewote sojas whose job description is to make sure any person nominated by the Elephant Family for the position of Municipal Police must win through all means possible, fair and foul, foul and fair, till justice do they part.
Senior, these tsalewote sojas have come out to warn our Omanhene that if he thinks he does not fear death, true, true, he should leave all tsalewote sojas out his new Council of Elders.
Senior, these tsalewote sojas promised to send our Omanhene back where he came from, come some fifty moons from now going forward, if he does not make attention to them.
Senior, the problem with this “demand notice” is that it is like going to court to ask for an injunction to be placed on something not to be made to happened, but that had already happened before one went to court. Our Omanhene had long served notice that after fifty moons he will abdicate and go and take care of his numerous grandchildren, and show them the way to Yahweh’s Kingdom, so that Yesu Christus would consider him small, since he had allowed the children to come to Him.
Senior, but one annoying thing I noticed is that instead of making sure those nominated by the Elephant Family enter the House of Municipal Police, these tsalewote sojas decided that such candidates lost, so that the Omanhene will have no choice than to choose them to join his new council.
Senior, these boys and girls are bad and need to be lashed well, well. How can they do Judas to their own family and come to that same family to demand thirty pieces of gold?
Senior, I am Dan, sorry, I am Done.
It’s Me!

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