Letter To Senior Opupulepu

Letter to Senior Opupulepu (126) “If greeting the one who beat me is inside the kraata, still, I won’t greet”

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Dear Senior Opupulepu,

How are you do? As for me and my family we are all do fine.

Senior, do you know that our ex-Omanhene, Nana Onaapowura, has still not overcome the trauma of the defeat he suffered at the hands of Omanhene Nana Owuobiayeowuo.

Senior, according to the rules of the fight, all pugilists were required, mandated, enforced to sign a “Peace, Perfect-Peace” agreement – that no matter the outcome of the fight, one was not to carry it outside the boxing arena.

Senior, the “Peace Perfect-Peace” pact also made it mandatory for the loser to salute the victor and say, “Congratulations and thanks for not hitting me hard. You are champion man.”

Senior, as you can recollect, Omanhene Nana Onsurowuo, the Great Leopard, did not throw any lethal blows. He rather threw only three blows, and yet they effectively hit the target, making Onaapowura lose balance and he fell down, poom!

Senior, after the last blow landed, the head inside of Odinihu started singing hymns, like “Now the day is over!” As soon as his head knocked ground, our ex-Omanhene decided to sleep small. When he woke up, he found himself on his mat in his room with his followers, family and friends all standing around him.

Senior, when he asked what happened and he was told that he was whipped black and blue with only three punches, he felt great humiliation inside his heart inside.

Senior, he was informed that he had to go and salute our Omanhene and greet him “good day.” This he refused to do, and asked why the referee allowed him to be taken away, since he only went on half time break and that if he had got up he would have beaten the Great Leopard, well, well.

Senior, he also said if, indeed, he had signed any peace pact, then it was a mistake. In fact, they should use gum and erase his signature from there.

Senior, that reminds me of that guy from the clan that can brag. He was at an aeroplane park of the Obroni village he had arrived in. He was asked by the migrating officer, “how long do you intend to stay for?” The guy man jumped in surprise and asked, “Did I write inside there that I intend to go back? Please, if it is there, then quickly wipe it off. I do not intend going back to Ogyakrom, my village.”

Senior, there and then, Odinihu and some of the members of the Umbrella family started doing march-pass in the village square and went about singing, “We no go sit down make them cheat we everyday…daabi da.”

Senior, when asked how the Umbrella people were cheated, they only went on singing the loudest without providing any evidence to prove their case. This reminds me a certain skuul teacher who went to visit a certain skuul daughter of Eve he had been doing everything to make her agree. I think you understand. Good!

Senior, this school teacher went into this girl’s hut only to meet the presence of a certain akupa who also doubles as a skuul boy. This wretchedly dressed son of Adam was more relaxed and talking freely as if he was in his own bedroom. And the teacher, who was decently dressed like he was going for inspection or interview, was given a seat where he sat for the duration of the time he felt comfortable to.

Senior, the teacher could not say any letter from the alphabets till he decided to leave. “Oh, Teacher Kofi, are you leaving so soon? Okay see you in skuul tomorrow. As you can see, I am doing something so I cannot see you off,” the skuul girl said.

Senior, the following day in skuul our teacher was still fuming mad and went about saying over and over again, “This boy Kofi New-Gin, he is bad.” When asked what Kofi did, he only repeated, “This boy Kofi New-Gin, he is bad,” over and over again. He did not how he could say why he thinks Kofi New-Gin is bad.

Senior, in another instance, there was this pastor of an important church of Yesu Christus Emmanuel in one of Ogyakrom’s big hamlets. In fact, he was duly and fully married but also held on to some daughter of Eve who he usually travels to do Suhum-Nsawam with.

Senior, one day this girl came to inform the pastor or osofo that she was getting married. It affected the man of Yahweh so badly that he fell down poom and had to be rushed to the nearest health centre. He was put in bed and put on drip for a long time. When family, friends, well-wishers and sympathisers visited him and asked what happened, he only said “hmmmm, and never disclosed that he was suffering from a broken-heart.

Senior, so is it with Odinihu, who has vowed never to greet and salute Onaapowura who beat him well, like how Jeff Fenech greeted and saluted Azumah Nelson that the Ogyakrom boxer immediately promoted and called himself “Professor.”

Senior, meanwhile, while Odinihu was finding it very difficult to deal with his conditions of service after he was beaten black and blue, Mosquito-General Asi Edu Ke Nkatie organised and resourced the alley boys and begged them to stop playing spar and join the demons who are marching in, to do “Yen Di, Yen Di” on all the footpaths of Ogyakrom against the lot casting fetish priestess, Mama-Gin, and against Nana Onsurowuo.

Senior, these unruly boys started burning everything they saw, and luckily, even though they had weeds on them, they refused to burn them at social long distance, like Ogyakrom will make sweet, ruff. The lit the weeds, without obeying and observing the safety protocols.

Senior, now Ogyakrom is in the hands of mercy, I do not mean your side-chic, Mercy. I mean mercy as in the word, mercy. And while all these haphazardness was going on, Asi Edu Ke Nkatie come out to justify the withdrawing of all the youth from their huts and unto the bush paths.

Senior, he said by this yen di, yen di, they were hopeful that they will remove the sandals from the feet of our Omanhene, Odinihuni Nana Onsurowu Owuobiayeowu, just as some yen di, yen di, which he once partook in effectively, removed the sandals off the feet on Alhaji Blanket, as our Omanhene.

Senior, when asked whether he and the Umbrella people were plotting or anticipating a coup, he visibly shook and attempted saying things that meant no sense.

Senior, the Umbrella people have vowed to leave skuul and their homes and do yen di, yen di on the footpaths on all of Ogyakrom.

Senior, tell the Great Leopard to tell Napoleon Bonaparte that there will be lots of empty desks and chairs in the classrooms, so no headteacher should come and say that there is no vacancy in any Free Senior High School (SHS) room available.

Senior, as for me I am Dan, sorry I am Done.

It’s Me.

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