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Letter to Senior Opupulepu (111) How Human-Centred Are These Manifestation Documents

September 11, 2020 By 0 Comments

Dear Senior Opupulepu,
How are you do? As for me and my family we are all do fine, fine.
Senior, today I am only going to narrate a certain narrative story narrated to me by, Nescio Abrebrese, the grandson of Odapagyan, your close friend.
Senior, from some one hundred and twenty moons ago, Nescio, has been walking in dark corners with a certain Afua Linda the daughter of Egya Old Soldier and Daavi Akuvi, and decided that he has seen the light so he will bring that relationship to light.
Senior, this means the man wants to be a man and make that bold step by entering into the lions’ den or crocodile pond to pick a certain blossomed flower. You see this Old Soldier man does not allow his children especially the girls to go out without reasonable reason and Daavi Akuvi, a Basel mission trained woman has zero tolerance for mischief, stupidity and all their associates.
Senior, having been brought up under such strict parents, Nescio and Afua took up very dare devilish moves to meet at any available “Your Father Is Not Here, Your Mother Is Not Here,” to further explore and know themselves.
Senior, even after they both had finished the third level of skuuling, Afua Linda’s parents decreed that unless she brought a man home to be accessed and examined, no man must or can or both of the two, take her out.
Senior, as the days were growing into weeks, the weeks into moons and moons into years, aging had not forgotten about Afua Linda and suddenly apart from her seventeen year old sister, the youngest in the family, she is the only girl yet to exchange her father’s name for a stranger’s.
Senior, she therefore assembled pressure on the head and neck of Nescio to do something before he dies. The now matured akupa had to make a bold step since among his closest friends he was the only one yet to be called “Dada” or “Daa.” So he assembled courage inside his inside and approached his father for consultation and assistance.
Senior, his old man was very glad that at last his behaviourally-challenged son was now getting sense as he wants to settle down and be a man. He advised him to go like man and approach the lady’s parents. And “No,” no one will accompany him but will stay behind and pray for his safety, since Mischief does not go into Old Soldier’s house and comes back alive.
Senior, Nescio whose name translates from classical Latin into English as “I-Don’t Know,” lived by his name and Did-Not-Know Fear, as he went to meet Afua Linda’s parents and came back not only alive but triumphant as well.
Senior, but there was some small problem. It was the Bride Price. The list was as voluminous as Ghanaian Chronicle with sections beginning with Father: one aboboya, as in motorised tricycle; five wellington boots; twelve cutlasses; six hoes; three working gears; six water bottles with straps; three kente clothes; three Dumas cloths; three pairs of native sandals; three pairs of leather sandals; one Kufuor gallon of ogyateshi aka akpeteshi distilled in Teshie and sold in Bubuashie; one keg of palm wine; six bottles of schnapps (foreign); six bottles Johnnie Walker whiskey (luckily, not single malt but double malt); six bottles cognac; six bottles of original London Bridge gin; twelve bottles of South Africa wine and one box of cigar (Old Soldier has not seen cigar before in his life and wants to own some).
Finally he demanded one package of brand new 50 cowry notes all for himself and then in addition, Nescio was to pay part of all the expenses spent on his wife to be, when she was in skuul. All was calculated to arrive at or get to about 30,000.00 cowries, in one package each of fresh100.00 and 200 cowry notes respectively.
The mother also had a long list which included twelve full pieces of Holland wax prints and in addition three full pieces of Dumas wax prints, The Dumas prints will replace her (the mother’s) cloths his wife to be peed into as in urinated into when she was a baby. Among others like jewelleries and ear rings plus gas cooker and also two envelopes to be filled for herself with an amount of 2,000 cowries plus another 5,000 cowries to part cover all the plates his wife to be broke in her kitchen plus other occupational hazards she created when she was a girl.
Senior, then there were some things for the sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews and cousins with an akonta sikan of 2,000 ccowries for each category concluding those chapters. Next was some something small for her friends who were going to miss her, this was an envelope of another in the region of 1,000 cowries.
There should not be any conversion into cash, Nescio was warned since seeking the lady’s hand, the family will not convert her into anything for him.
Senior, we have not come to what should go to the wife to be, and as Nescio completed reading through the list, he forced himself to collapse into a chair in his room. He needed to be in a trance, in fact in the spiritual realm to ask for assistances from Yahweh and His angels as to how to resolve this life disgracing issue.
Senior, Nescio, came around after some three and half hours without meeting Yahweh and not even His saints and angels. His full reciting of all the four mysteries of Holy Rosary could not produce Mary, the Mother of God. He was on his own.
Senior, it was there and then that while half listening to radio news he heard that either one or both of two major associations of polytricksters was going to abolish one item or the other come 2021 when the omanhene will come from their house.
Senior, Nescio Abrebrese tore into the volumes of promises made by the Elephant Peoples Party and Umbrella Concert Party to find out what at all will they make manifest if they won the lot-casting competition.
Senior Nescio read back and forth, forth and back until he could recite from memory every detailed promise made by the Umbrella Concert Party. He found them to be hollow in summary because how could they say they will make from day nursery through to university absolutely free for every pupil and student when these same people were dead against free second level skuuling. In fact they even went ahead to promise that even the clothing and feeding as in breakfast, lunch and supper will be borne by the village. On abolishing, the Umbrella Party swore to abolish any romantic relationship the Elephants entered into.
Senior, with the Elephants, he read and understood how well written their promises to be manifested would be achieved, but there was nothing on abolishing. So none of the manifestos abolished Bride Price, he lamented.
Senior, left to face this big challenge in life, Nescio Abrebrese, vowed never to cast lot this time, because none of the parties were worth supporting since their human centred promises were not human centred enough to deal with this life disgracing situation.
Senior, as for me, I am Dan, sorry I am Done .
Its Me.

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