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KsTU VC charges researchers to think outside the box to contain COVID-19 towards national development

October 9, 2020 By 0 Comments

The Vice Chancellor of the Kumasi Technical University (KsTU), Ing Professor Osei-Wusu Achaw, has charged researchers, scientists and academics to think outside the box and do more to make the world safer and convenient to live in.
He noted that the advent of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has not only succeeded in changing how programmes are organised globally, but brought in its wake the new normal challenges to scientists to do more by sharing ideas, insights, experiences, and knowledge.
The KsTU VC was addressing the 6th International Conference on Applied Sciences and Technology.
Dubbed ICAST 2020, the conference was under the theme: “Technical and Vocational Education the bedrock for National Development.”
Ing. Professor Osei-Wusu noted that the coronavirus pandemic had clearly demonstrated that countries all over the world should strive for self-reliance.
VC Osei-Wusu said the level of development explained by some giants in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), such as Germany, the Netherlands, America, Norway, Denmark, and South Africa, among others, attest to the necessity of TVET.
He noted that the various successes chalked by these technologically advanced countries are clear testimonies to the fact that any country that follows that development course and carefully implements such development-oriented programmes are likely to succeed.
Ing. Professor Osei-Wusu hoped that African countries in general, and Ghana in particular, are likely to make a paradigm shift from the traditional and bookish method of training, which has slowed down the development of these countries over the years, will give way to rapid and technologically-advanced countries.
In such a situation, he noted, African countries would be seen to properly align with the League of Nations.
“Equipping members of our society with the requisite skills, based on this reason, that vocational training is actually the way to go,” he said and explained that it was because of this that the government of Ghana, through the COTVET under the Ministry of Education, had pumped so much resource into the development of technical and vocational education.
According to the VC, the essence of the government’s commitment in this regard is to break away from the phenomenon of continuous reliance from government for employment after one’s education.
He hoped ICAST 2020 would create the opportunity for academics in various areas such as Engineering, Agricultural/Food Technology, Business Management and Administration, Creative and Applied Arts, Computer Science and Technology Economics and Statistics, Health/Natural Sciences, Hospitality and Tourism, Housing and Waste Management, as well as Socio-Cultural Studies, to share ideas, findings, and disseminate information.
Ing Professor Osei-Wusu Achaw, therefore, challenged the participants to find non-conventional ways of doing things, so as to unlock the various doors of opportunities that will bring about developmental breakthroughs.
He urged them to bear in mind that the world is looking up to us, especially in Africa, and specifically Ghana, where development should be brought to our people to be at par with others elsewhere, as technical and vocational education have propelled these countries into real advancement and development.

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