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Krachi-West Assembly equips Persons Living With Disabilities

December 14, 2020 By 0 Comments

The Krachi-West District Assembly has put in place measures to effectively equip 600 persons living with disabilities in the district, by providing relevant income generating ventures for them to be able to live meaningful lives, without depending economically on relatives.
As part of the measures adopted by the government to economically empower the physically challenged, staff of the Social Welfare Department went round the District and identified the 600 people living with various forms of disabilities, and found out from them the type of business they would be able to engage themselves in.
Based on their various requests, the Krachi West Assembly provided 64 persons living with disabilities items that would provide employment for them.
Speaking at the presentation ceremony at the District capital, Kete-Krachi, the Krachi-West District Chief Executive (DCE), Mr. Douglas Osei-Nti, disclosed that in 2018, 55 persons living with various disabilities were equipped with similar income generating activities, and were contributing meaningfully to the local economy.
Mr. Osei-Nti noted that when President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo took over the affairs of the country in the first term of the New Patriotic Party (NPP)-led government, he decided to depart from the practice where the previous governments would only invite the physically challenged and give out between GH¢100 and GH¢200 to them without considering the need to empower them economically.
The Krachi-West DCE explained that equipping the less privileged in society, like the physically challenged, would go a long way in building a robust society, where economic empowerment activities would not become a discriminatory practice meant for only able bodied people.
He further added that disabilities came in different forms, as some were natural by birth, while others occurred through accidents, therefore, nobody should look down upon the physically challenged.
He said the Assembly had put in place a monitory team that had been visiting the beneficiaries regularly to find out if they had put the items to good use, including sewing machines, mobile phones with credit for mobile money and credit transfers, deep freezers to sell iced water, shoe-making machines, provisions to establish provision shops, and wheelchairs among others, but unfortunately, it was discovered that some of the physically challenged did not use the items for the intended purposes.
Mr. Osei-Ntim said some of the beneficiaries had sold their items and warned that such people would not benefit again from any support from the Assembly, stressing that it was unlawful to sell items given out to support them.
He said that those who bought the items should consider their actions as illegal and stop, because the Assembly would not hesitate to prosecute those who would like to take undue advantage of the beneficiaries to purchase the items.
The Twafohene of the Krachi Traditional Area, Nana Ofosu Appiah II, commended the District Assembly for equipping persons living with disabilities to become economically empowered, which he said ought to be appreciated by effectively using the items provided them to help bring the needed socioeconomic transformation in their lives as well as remove the burden on their respective families.
Nana Ofosu Appiah said the government’s decision to make the physically challenged have total economic freedom should be seen by the beneficiaries as the best thing that would ever happen in their lives, because becoming economically independent means that they would continue to become more relevant to society.
The Chief continued that the effective management of the items given them largely depended on the beneficiaries, as they could become employers in their respective communities.
Nana Ofosu Appiah observed that the government’s decision to economically empower persons living with disabilities gave meaning to a Chinese proverb which states that “give fish to people and they would continue asking for fish always, but when you teach them how to fish, they would continue to fish for themselves,” which he attributed to the era when persons living with disabilities were given between GH¢100 and GH¢200, thereby denying them economic independence.

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