Kelvyn Boy on why he removed Stonebwoy’s Bhim tattoo on his body

November 18, 2020 By 0 Comments

Afrobeats musician Kelvyn Boy has said he has removed his Bhim Nation tattoo from his body because it’s not ‘necessary anymore’.

According to Kelvyn Boy – who is Stonebwoy’s protégé – people see things from the surface and as a result, have created some misconceptions about his relationship with his former boss, so he has decided to do everything from his heart going forward.

He told Abeiku Santana on Okay FM on Monday, November 16, that: “I have Stonebwoy in my heart. That’s a very important thing in my life. Because outwardly, people have always gotten it wrong.”

He continued that he never had a Stonebwoy tattoo but had a Bhim Nation one and even with that tattoo, he has removed it.

He said he removed it because it isn’t necessary anymore but has kept that tattoo in his heart.

“I never had a Stonebwoy tattoo, it was a Bhim Nation tattoo,” he says. “I don’t have it anymore. Because I realised that it wasn’t necessary anymore. Because on the surface people have different impressions. I prefer having it in my heart.”

Kelvyn Boy also sent out a message to Ghanaians to support their artistes otherwise they will continue to struggle while Nigerians make progress.

He stated that supporting Ghanaian artistes, without favouritism, will go a long way to open doors for the new stars.

Credit: pulse.com.gh

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