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Kasoa Murder blamed on juju on TV

April 7, 2021 By 0 Comments

The sad murder of a ten-year boy at Kasoa, in the Central Region by some two teenagers for alleged money ritual has been attributed to the influx of juju advertisements, money doublers on television, fake pastors and mallams,.

Ghanaians have been commenting on the incident which took place during the Easter holidays, with strong demand on the authorities to act promptly.

Since The Chronicle does not have the permission of account holders on social media to disclose their full names, we reproduce their comments with just one of their names.

George, commenting on the incident said, “Money rituals are openly advertised on televisions and no one seems to be bothered. They only closed down those they think are their opponents. Sad.”

Eric- “We have TV and radio stations promoting how to double money, making people rich overnight, advertising sex and other indecent acts, when government moves to clamps down these media house, that is when … will jump in to launch attacks on the government actions. With Kasoa teenage killings.”

Hamid on the other hand stated that: “Similar killings have been recorded here up north. There was an incident like that here in Tamale recently. The money rituals content on our TVs these days have contributed significantly to these barbaric acts. Our leaders are unconcerned, after all their children are either well protected or found in other Leaders’ countries where they take their citizens seriously.”

One institution whose name has run through the discussion is the National Media Commission (NMC). Others are the Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association (GIBA) and the National Communications Authority (NCA), for what was described as lack of proper monitoring on media contents.

According to Ebenezer, “It is what it is! The media as a causative agent. But who is to be blamed?… So, everyone who knows that no law could bar them get on a TV station and gush out stuff that serves their interest… And the media houses also accrue their money!”

During interrogation, one of the two suspects is reported to have confessed that they got in touch with mallam on television, supporting concerns being raised about the TV and radio contents.

Yesterday, the Ofaakor District Court, presided over by Rosemond Vera Ocloo, remanded the two into police custody for investigations to continue.

The decision of the court was after the prosecution had levelled a charge of murder on the accused persons.

The prosecutor, Chief Inspector Ernest Abor, prayed the court to allow a fourteen-day period to fish out the mallam, who is at the center of the whole incident.

Meanwhile, the two who have been remanded would reappear in court on April 20, 2021.

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