Kanye West wins huge praise for new single about racism

Kanye West has been praised for his new single Wash Us In The Blood, with fans and critics lauding the ‘masterful’ new track.

The rapper, 43, collaborated with his sister-in-law Kylie Jenner‘s ex-boyfriend Travis Scott and Dr Dre on the new single and following its release on Tuesday, the song, which focuses on racism and faith, became an instant hit.

Despite his work garnering huge praise, Kanye came under fire shortly after for his tribute to his wife Kim Kardashian for becoming a billionaire, as many lashed out at the ‘ill-timed’ sentiment given the fraught financial state of the globe.

Ben Beaumont-Thomas from The Guardian lavished praise upon the track, with a five star review commending the ‘masterful’ piece.

He wrote: ‘Wash Us in the Blood, though, has Kanye channelling his emancipated mind towards the sharpest point…

‘He is at his most powerful when he doesn’t try to be calm, but corrals his anger. There’s a wider lesson there, perhaps, as the US faces its own moment of revelation.’

NME’s Sam Moore meanwhile offered a four star review while also lauding the track from his forthcoming album God’s Country.

He penned: ‘The purpose of ‘Wash Us In The Blood’: a familiar, in-yer-face kind of Kanye West creation that’ll pull his on-the-fence fans back in with the die-hards, all while setting us up nicely for our imminent trip to ‘God’s Country’.’

Twitter meanwhile was awash with praise for the hit rapper, with fans branding his latest offering ‘The Song Of The Year’ and ‘thought-provoking’.

Credit: dailymail.co.uk

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