Kalybos, Bismark The Joke star in 2021 Netflix movie

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Ghanaian actors, Bismark The Joke and Kalybos, have made Ghana proud by representing the whole nation with their talents in a South African Netflix movie titled Slay. The duo played different roles in the movie which saw them acting alongside popular actors from Africa including Ramsey Nouah and now-popular Williams Uchemba.

The movie is set around a group of tech-savvy personalities who engage in intimate first encounters, first impressions, and romantic opportunities to get some life experience.

Bismark The Joke plays the role of a Ghanaian gatekeeper working in South Africa with a permit. Kalybos, on the other hand, is a Ghanaian who has just moved to South Africa with the hopes of finding greener pastures.

One of the scenes of the movies saw the two Ghanaians doing what they know best as they cracked ribs with their acting. Kalybos was going on a job hunt and stopped in front of the house that Bismark works in as a gateman to admire a woman sweeping. Bismark confronts Kalybos, calls him a thief, and asks him to get a permit before he can even think of working in South Africa.

The movie features other top award-winning actors from all over the continent and also features a song from Ghanaian artiste, Agbeshie titled Wrowroho.

Credit: yen.com.gh

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