German parties agree coalition deal to make Olaf Scholz chancellor

November 25, 2021 By 0 Comments

Germany’s Social Democrat, Green and liberal parties have agreed a deal to form a new government headed by Olaf Scholz, the finance minister, who will succeed Angela Merkel, local media has reported.

The three parties, known as the “traffic light coalition” owing to their colours – red, green and yellow – will present their agreement on Wednesday afternoon in Berlin. It was hammered out during two months of intense negotiations after the Social Democrats (SPD) won a slim margin in the 26 September national election.

German media, citing party sources, have reported that Scholz, of the Social Democrats, will be the new chancellor, Annalena Baerbock of the Greens will become foreign minister and her partner as co-leader of the party, Robert Habeck, will receive a new “super minister” role combining the economics ministry with environmental protection goals.

Christian Lindner, leader of the pro-business Free Democrats (FDP), will become the new finance minister. Hubertus Heil of the SPD is reported to be the only minister from the old government.