Coup trial: We were entrapped by witness & superiors -Alleged coup plotters

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Q. I’m also suggesting to you that atike in Ewe means herbal medicine?
A. I don’t know.
Q. It is not borne by the videos you have brought to this court that A1 translated to you the conversation between him and A2?
A. I can’t identify the minutes and time, but when it plays fully A1 was asking about the supplier of the weapon, and he made the call in my presence.
Q. I’m putting it to you that the discussion between A1 and A2 was about how to get sand?
A. That is not true. Sand for what in a hospital?
Q. You see, Staff Sergeant Awarf Sulle, I’m putting it to you that the discussion between A1 and A2 was in relation to pipes that would be used for musketry?
A. That is not true, because IEDs are not used at funerals.
Q. I’m suggesting to you that A1 comes from a royal family in Kpando?
A. I’m not aware.
Q. And at the material moment they had lost a relation in that royal family?
A. That is not true. In Ghana no one uses IEDs in funeral.
Q. I’m suggesting to you that all the discussion about pipes between A1 and A2 was for A2 to be able to produce these pipes for his funeral?
A. That is not true, it was for the coup d’état.
Q. Did you hear yourself saying that it was those who made it at a workshop for the army?
A. Yes. He was identifying the IEDs with colours, and the ones that we have add the sedative drugs to it, and he was asking if someone could identify it, and I said those who manufacture it at ours at Base Workshop and those who go to bush operation can identify it.
Q. Did you hear yourself saying that it is the Alavayo people in the army who made these types of pipes?
A. Yes.
Q. Staff Sergeant Kwadwo Awarf, all that you are doing is to give a dog a bad name and hang it?
A. That is not true. Because, in the Armed Forces everyone knows that it is Alavayo people who repair our faulty weapons.
Q. And you were only doing this to connect it to… because he is from Alavayo?
A. That is not true.
Q. In this particular video, from 00:05:50, you engaged A1 and A2 that you should use different colours in painting the pipes for easy identification?
A. That is not true. The colours of the IEDs came from A1.
Q. And A1 and A2 challenge you with your suggestion of painting the pipes?
A. That is not true. It is A1 who brought the sedative chemical, so he told Mr Ezor to colour the IEDs so that it will be easy for us to identify.
Q. You see, when you were making the suggesting, A1 disagreed with you?
A. That is not true. He suggested that we should make it colour yellow.
Q. From 00:09:30-45 you tried to reassure them that you are ready for the purported coup plot?
A. Yes, it was A1 who told me that a weapon manufacturer finished, and if did not see any effort from my side he will be angry.
Q. Was this captured on any of the video and audios before this court?
A. Yes.
Q. This is a palpable lie?
A. That is not true.
Q. Here you said we are ever-ready. Today is Thursday, by Monday we have to go?
A. Yes, it was pressure from A1, and I told him we are ready.
Q. I’m putting it to you that what you just said is an afterthought and not borne by evidence in this court?
Q. Go to 00:30:30. Did you hear your voice suggesting to A2 to suggest to someone that the rent is ¢100, and he should collect ¢1,000?
A. This conversation was not part of the coup discussion.
Q. Was this conversation on the same day, date, and venue?
A. Yes.
Q. Go to 00:14:50, did you hear yourself asking whether the medicine was taken upstairs?
A. Yes. I was referring to A1. He has brought sedative medicine to be added to the IEDs, and I was asking whether it has been taken upstairs.
Q. You just told this court that the medicine was put in the pipes?
A. Yes.
Q. And you want this court to believe that the same medicine was taken upstairs?
A. Because A2 used some, and A1 took the rest upstairs.
Q. Did any of your videos before this court captured any medicine purported to have been used?
A. Yes. It was captured, but I can’t identify.
Q. Is it your case that some of the conversations which were translated to you have been taken out of this video?
A. No.
Q. Is it also your case that some of the things you capture in the videos were taken out?
A. No.
Q. It is your case that every conversation, translation, and activity was captured is in exhibit D?
A. Yes.
Q. On 10/19/2021, you told this court that you were given an assignment by your supervisors, not so?
A. Yes.
Q. On the basis of this assignment you were given two devices to capture all activities?
A. Yes.
Q. On the September 19, did you capture this event?
A. No my lord, the devices were not with me.
Q. You just told the court earlier that you were being called earlier to buy a bolt to test fire the gun?
A. Yes my Lord because on that fateful day I didn’t buy the bolt, and I thought that no activity will take place, and that was why I didn’t go with the recording device.
Q. Staff Sergeant Kwadwo Awarf, you earlier informed your supervisors about this particular activity?
A. Yes. Because I didn’t buy the weapon, I thought we will not go and fire any gun at the beach.
Q. Did you capture the IEDs in A1’s car?
A. No. After we were released from the guardroom, A1 asked me to go to the beach and bring the remaining IEDs.
Q. After the purported arrest and release by the Southern Command, you went back to your house at Teshie?
A. Yes.
Q. The following morning that you went to the beach, did you capture the IEDs that you picked to Alajo?
A. No.
Q. You had still forgotten about your devices given to you by your supervisors?
A. No.
Q. Around 1:30 am A1 called you to… did you capture the process where they were repacking the IEDs into a car tyre…?
A. No, but the arresting officers retrieved the IEDs that were hidden in a car tyre under the container and the pistols.
Q. Did you also capture on your videos IEDs being unsealed in a sack?
A. No.
The court is trying Dr Frederick Yao Mac Palm, Donyo Kafui alias Ezor, Bright Alan Debrah alias BB, Johannes Zikpi, Colonel Samuel Kojo Gameli, Warrant Officer Class Two Esther Saan, Corporal Seidu Abubakar, Lance Corporal Ali Solomon, Corporal Sylvester Akanpewe, and Assistant Commissioner of Police Benjamin Kwasi Agordzo for conspiracy to commit crime, high treason, abetment of crime, and possession of arms.