Counsel suggests to Witness: The person whose cert you are using died mysteriously, correct?

November 25, 2021 By 0 Comments

Before the continuation of yesterday’s cross-examination at the Financial Division of the Accra High Court, the third Prosecution Witness (PW3), Staff Sergeant Awarf Kwadwo Sule, was requested by Counsel for four accused persons to read Proverbs 24:24-28.

This request followed a question as to whether he was a Muslim or Christian, and after answering to be the latter, PW3 testified before the he also had his morning devotion before coming to the court.

After preparing the grounds to subject the witness to a three-hour cross-examination, Victor Kojogah Adawudu, defence counsel for Donyo Kafui alias Ezor, Bright Alan Debrah alias BB, Lance Corporal Ali Solomon and Corporal Sylvester Akanpewe, told the court that the witness was using the name of a deceased person who was mysteriously murdered.

According to the counsel, the witness went into an agreement with the deceased to use his certificate to join the army.

Mr Adawudu said that the condition of the agreement was that the deceased would be given a portion of the witness’ salary, but the latter realised that the late Awarf was becoming a nuisance to his career, when he started demanding the money.

The counsel said prior to Kwadow Awarf’s mysterious murder, he was last seen in his village, Ediesu, in and around Bechem, in the company of the witness.

Lawyer Victor then asked the witness: “I’m putting it to you that the reason why you changed your name from Inusa Nakpor was to use the certificate belonging to Kwadwo Awarf who was murdered?”

Even though the witness denied the allegation, the defence counsel further indicated to the court that it was the late Awarf’s certificate that the witness used to enter the military.

He contended that it was also not true that the certificate was a 2nd Class Diploma awarded by the Bechem Technical Institute, and that technical institutes in Ghana award NVTI (National Vocation Training Institute) certificates.

The witness refuted that he did not know the said Awarf, and that he changed his name from Insua Nakpor to Awarf Sule when he was at Bechem Presbyterian Primary School.

PW3 also informed the court that the 2nd Class Diploma he holds was issued to him by BEDUSCO, formerly Bechem Technical Institute.

The witness, this time round, explained that he did not understand the question, that was why he said the certificate did not belonged to him.

But the counsel described the witness’ u-turn that the certificate was his and that he did not understand the question was an afterthought.

The court is trying Dr Frederick Yao Mac Palm, Donyo Kafui alias Ezor, Bright Alan Debrah alias BB, Johannes Zikpi, Colonel Samuel Kojo Gameli, Warrant Officer Class Two Esther Saan, Corporal Seidu Abubakar, Lance Corporal Ali Solomon, Corporal Sylvester Akanpewe, Assistant Commissioner of Police Benjamin Kwasi Agordzo who have been charged for varied offences such as conspiracy to commit crime, high treason, abetment of crime and possession of arms.