Handling Depression

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Depression comes as a result of mental, physical or psychological stress that takes a toll on an individual causing them to experience a series of breakdowns that affect their mood, behavior and in worse cases takes people through a number of therapy sessions to recover from them. Depression can be caused by diverse number of reasons depending on an individual’s condition and what put them in their current phase of depression. Many people generally go through depression almost always and major of this emanates from our thoughts, the first cycle of depression starts with one’s mind, negative thoughts brood over the mind of an individual and channel’s that thought to affect their physical life that is their mood, due to this depression begins to ring a bell and gradually affects the psychological makeup of the person.

The feeling when you’re about giving up and someone shouts “Hold on”, you either choose to stick to the persons statement or give up anyway. I feel hurt, annoyed and all the wrong words that don’t matter is what you begin describing your situation as, no one has an idea of what you go through yet all they are good at saying is “It is well with you” God will speak for you”, You sometimes feel God has betrayed you, made others successful and left you in your corner to weep till depression kills you. The honest truth is, God indeed speaks to the patient and humble in heart. The painful experiences life taught you have caused your heart to be hardened, this is a normal feeling, you just need to take a deep breath and think of peace and a rightful dwelling place for your heart.

One can keep trusting God, but without the virtue of patience, you’ll take the lead, leaving God out of the equation. “Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose trust is the Lord, He is like a tree planted by water, that sends out its root by the stream, and does not fear when heat comes, for its leaves remain green, and is not anxious in the year of drought, for it does not cease to bear fruit. Jeremiah 17:7-8. Beloved if you would keep trusting you will see God’s marvelous work in every aspect of your life. Stop looking at others and compare your growth only to God’s promises for your life. Acquire the virtue of patience and praise in the waiting process.

Depression takes you into a state of confusion, anxiety and stress, many others have suicidal thoughts due to depression and many death cases are recorded on a daily because of suicide. Instead of bottling up your problems within you speak to someone of sound mind a Counsellor or therapist is the deal person you can share your issues with, there are the people God brings our way to help us deal with our issues well yet many feel keeping their issues and allowing it suffocate them is the best thing is to be mindful of the fact that a problem shared is half solved. Share the problem so that it is dealt with, we cannot loose you because of your diligence to seek the needed help to cure your depression. You’re who the world has been waiting for you, we cannot lose you, speak to a counselor today and go through the various series of therapy sessions to get your mind in tune with positivity again reviving the hope for a beautiful tomorrow that once existed within you.

The world can see how tired you are, depression has overweighed you and caused a great change in your looks, You have deserted your bible and don’t care anymore where life takes you to, your complains could be discussed more than a day and over, God is still saying he has a plan for you, Heard that so many times? Well Yes, God has a plan for you before the world knew you, even now and forever more, He is the same God and he changeth not, Keepbelieving, it’shard, Get God ordained people to console you, Serve God diligently, You need to still feel refreshed even in your depression, enjoy the beauty of life and the fullness of Gods glory to see each day, The best is yet to come, God can and he will. To you going through pain and depression due to a failed relationship or marriage remember;

  1. Suicide is never an option, speak to a counsellor or an Adult of sound mind to help you heal, You’ll get through this.
  2. It is a call to prayer, soak your heart into prayer. The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; He rescues those whose spirits are crushed (Psalm34:18)
  3. Don’t give up on Love.

Where darkness is, God causes his light to shine. You may find yourself in the most broken place, you may not feel love anywhere close to your dwelling. One may feel dejected, neglected and abandoned when the weight of life overburdens you making you feel lonely, the pit of depression may have engulfed you now, take a deep breath, God will cause his light to shine on you. I introduce you to God’s love, the one that will never quit loving you, the one that never leaves you nor forsakes you, the one that wraps you in his arms daily. Your situation is not tough for God to handle, in your brokenness he is the one that’ll fix you, in your depression he is your comfort, wipe your tears, quit overthinking and hand over the issue to God. “Suddenly the Spirit of God came in to brood and to hover over the situation and produced life. “This shall be your testimony.

Emotionally you may be drained but physically you appear glowed up which blinds the eyes of many as to how stable and happy you are with your life. Seek help from someone of sound mind to help talk you out of the problem and encourage you to keep going. Seek the help of a Counsellor or a therapist to help take you through the healing process, quit deceiving yourself that you know it all and can handle it. Don’t neglect your mental, physical and emotional needs, feed your thoughts always with positivity. Do a  thorough self- evaluation of yourself and release any toxicity growing inside of you, leave that toxic relationship and save your life of any mental or physical stress let it all go ,it’s stressing you out .You are more valuable than the problem. Nourish your mind always.

I pray that you find strength after reading this article, speak to someone when there need be, cry if you have to, it’s okay, true healing begins from there. May the Lord strengthen you as you go through this phase of depression, may the Lord give you the strength to come out stronger from this battle, stay strong and don’t give up. The world is waiting to hear your survival story on depression. You can do it and be rest assured there’s still hope for tomorrow…

Jaclyn Essien



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