Asanko Gold launches Graduate Training Programme

November 22, 2021 By 0 Comments

Authorittes of Asanko Gold in a group picture with the participants of the Graduate Training Programme.

Asanko Gold, a multi-national mining company, has launched the Graduate Training Programme to offer national service personnel an opportunity for practical training to prepare them for the world of work.

From tertiary institutions across the country, the twenty-four trainees were selected by the mining company, after having passed an aptitude test on merit.

33% of the enrolment was made up of females, of which 33% were locals from within the catchment areas of Asanko Gold.

There were some who were going through the training that will end by the end of this year and next year, and each participant would be given a monthly stipend, while Asanko would also take care of their full boarding and laundry expenditures as well.

During the programme, the trainees would be assigned to mentors and would also file monthly and quarterly reports, and undergo periodic performance reviews.

Mr. Andrew McGowan, the General Manager of Asanko Gold speaking at the event.

At a brief launch, which was held at Asanko Gold in Manso Abore in Amansie West of the Ashanti Region, the General Manager of Asanko Gold, Andrew McGowan, urged the trainees to take advantage of the opportunity Asanko Gold had offered them to broaden their horizons, which was very important in career development.

He reminded them of the need to acquaint themselves with catalytic skills, saying it would add more value to their education and resulting in them being all-rounder workers.

McGowan further told the trainees that the company had strict rules, and advised them to adhere to the regulations. “Do not be afraid to ask questions,” he advised them.

On his part, the Organisational Capability Manager, Mr. Mohaiden Mohammed, expressed worry about the inability of young graduates to land jobs if they do not start somewhere after their national service, which is work experience.

As a result of this challenge, Mohaideen noted that Asanko had introduced this training programme to give the trainees the opportunity to go through this programme.

He emphasised that the mining company adds the one year national service period that they undergo to the programme and by the end of the two years period that the graduate students had been with the company, they would have gained three years of experience.

He, therefore, asked the trainees to live up to expectations in their various departments and stay disciplined, as they enroll on to Asanko’s Graduate Training Programme. “Honesty is what thrives in your areas of work,” he told the trainees.

On the mode of selection, Mohaideen indicated that they wanted to look at 60% from the sciences and 40% humanities, with gender balance being 30%.

Touching on inclusion and diversity, he noted that there was a phenomenon that came up to prompt Asanko Gold about their gender difference, and also the inequalities that existed between the two genders, for which their attention was drawn to ensure that they go along with their female counterpart.

Informing the graduates about the expectation of Asanko, Mr. Mohaideen Mohammed said: “We want you to marry this programme with a certain vision and ambition. The world is moving towards artificial intelligence. Mining companies, even in Ghana, are mechinising. They are going high-tech.”

He admonished the trainees that when they envision their career growth, there was an extra mile  that they could do on their own to ensure that they were not left out of the market of technology, should the form of mining change with the introduction of artificial intelligence.

“This is a call and a challenge that when you are here, try and do the extra to build yourself up, even with your colleagues, such that when there is an opportunity at the end of your programme, and the selection criteria is spelt out, you will stand tall, because you have the extra.”

Giving a historical antecedents behind Asanko Gold’s Graduate Training Programme, he explained that the guiding principle of the programme which used to be just for their corporate social responsibility until October 2020, when a Legislative Instrument (L.I) was passed, thus the Local Content L.I 2431 .

Mohammed explained further that section eight of the L.I enjoins a mining company that commences work after one year to submit a budget on training, and collaborate with the universities or research institution to put up a plan and ensure that you train and develop people, so this law is almost over twenty years old, but before it was enacted, the Graduate Training Programme was there for almost over twenty years.

“This is coming at a time when we had already taken off, and Asanko joined the league of companies that started two decades ago in 2017, where they started their graduate programme,” he said.

On the prospects of unabsorbed trainees, he told the function that they had contractors around, who would employ some of the trainees, and then some also tested the market, adding that they had a few that were employed by other mining companies.

In an interview with one of the beneficiaries of the programme, Elizabeth Bofa, a graduate trainee from University of Mines and Technology (UMaT), she noted that she was very privileged to be selected among the few for the Graduate Training Programme at Asanko Gold Mine.

According to her, they underwent an aptitude test, and that even though they were not better than their colleagues, they were qualified, so she was grateful to God, because it was not easy to pass.

Hopeful Bofa noted that she was looking forward to excelling in her studies by being industrious, and not just a spectator.