KATH CEO, Director rubbish misappropriation of Covid-19 fund

October 25, 2021 By 0 Comments

Solicitors of the Chief Executive Officer of the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) have cautioned the media in general over the publication of malicious information about their client.

Kwame Adofo Esq. of the Holy Trinity Chambers in Kumasi, referring to a publication in the Hawk Newspaper to the effect that the management of KATH had misappropriated US$116,000 COVID-19 funds to purchase two cars for the use of the CEO and the Medical Director, said the allegations are not true and made with the intention to destroy the reputation of his clients.

He said by the publication, the Hawk newspaper created the impression that the CEO, Dr. Oheneba Owusu-Danso and the medical director Prof. Baffour Opoku were criminals occupying management positions at KATH and thus insensitive to the plight of clientele and therefore not fit to hold such positions.

The counsel indicated that the accusers published the defamatory imputations without checking with the CEO and management for their comments and has, therefore, demanded an immediate retraction to avoid a legal action.

Serving notice of the intended action in the event of failure to retract the publication, Lawyer Adofo explained that the COVID-19 funds were exclusively used to buy various items for the hospital, which had been accounted for and audited and that the items did not include any purchase of vehicles or cars for the CEO and the Medical Director.

He further explained that even though KATH had purchased two Toyota saloon cars from Toyota Ghana Limited, they were not funded from COVID-19 funds, but from the facility’s Internally Generated Funds.

As a result of the malicious publication, considerable damage is said to have been caused to the character evident in numerous and unwarranted calls, suspicion, denigrating comments, hatred and contempt and public ridicule

The KATH CEO and the Medical Director, according to Lawyer Adofo demand an immediate retraction on both the Facebook and publication itself and that all media houses should dissociate themselves from the said false publication to avoid a legal action by each member of the management team of KATH.