Melcom Ghana launches Giordano Clothing Line

September 17, 2021 By 0 Comments



Melcom Group of Companies Ghana has launched the Global Apparel Brand, Giodana, in Ghana as part of its expansion of services for the convenience of Ghanaians.

Branded under the name of Giordano Ladies, Giordano Junior, BSX, and Beau Monde, the Giordano brand is said to be the leading worldwide retailer of male, female and child clothing.

Speaking at the launch yesterday in Accra, the Director of Communications for Melcom, Mr Godwin Avenorgbo, said Giordono is a global brand that operates in over a hundred countries, and that yesterday’s opening was the 2,041th branch opened.

In addition to the fact that it recently gained a franchise, he revealed that the aim of the event was to introduce a clothing brand of global repute, which is Giordano.

He said that it was soon to have a pizza hut and restaurant in Ghana with Melcom.

“We are developing two grand approaches to Melcom’s next face; the first is the extension of services, and the other is the expansion of services. Extension is establishing and opening more branches, so that nobody travels too long a distance to access Melcom service, and expansion requires that we broaden the services we offer within a particular Melcom shop at a given time,” he stated.

He again emphasised that COVID-19 should not be an excuse for one to develop his or her brand.

“It doesn’t mean that the world of business must stop; we don’t believe in that; it is the opportunity for us to even grow stronger. When others are falling, we are filling the gap and moving on. When protocols are observed, we are saved,” he added.

According to the Melcom Group Joint Managing Director, Mr. Ramesh Sadhwani: “We are extremely proud of our heritage, and will draw on our over three-decades experience of doing business in Ghana to create a new chapter in the West Africa retail landscape with our new partner, Giordano.”

On the part of the Executive Director and Head of Overseas Market Development, Mr. Mark Loynd, he said Giordano was happy to partner Melcom to bring the company to Ghana, saying, “We pride ourselves on being a ‘world brand,’ and are very proud to bring our unparalleled offering to the people of Ghana and Western Africa.”

“From Thursday, 16th September 2021, I invite you to visit the Melcom Plus Shop at North Kaneshie, Accra, for your lasted fashionable fitting clothing, and the next few months before the end of this year, Melcom Departmental Stores in Achimota, Frafra, Tema and Weija will be offering Giordano Clothing at your convenience,” Mr. Loynd disclosed.