Garden City turns into Garbage City

September 17, 2021 By 0 Comments


The popular saying that cleanliness is next to Godliness cannot be said in parts of the Central Business District (CBD) of the Kumasi as piles of garbage have left uncollected for many days.

When The Chronicle visited the area, it saw huge volumes of garbage stuffed in sacks and left in the median of the dual carriage road, which were emitting foul odour.

The Chronicle also discovered in front of the Central Market that heaps of garbage have been left on the road on front of it. Surprisingly, market women were seen selling all kinds of stuffs near the garbage. Because the area has been left dirty, hawkers also litter with careless abandon.

A passer-by who spoke to The Chronicle expressed concern over the development.

“What is happening in Kumasi”, he asked. He did not understand why women were still selling near the garbage contending that they can contract all kinds of disease.

When The Chronicle spoke to some of the traders, they claim the refuse collectors have not turned up for days. Approached on phone, the director of KMA Waste Management at the KMA, Mr Prosper Kotoka, acknowledged the challenge but was not prepared to give further details. ” I am not ready to discuss the challenge with you.,” he told The Chronicle.