Volta Star Radio celebrates 25 years of existence

September 10, 2021 By 0 Comments

A former Moderator of the General Assembly of the Evangelical Presbyterian (EP) Church, the Very Rev. Japhet Ledo has called on radio stations to effectively use their channels to promote tradition and cultural values in their respective areas of operation to help in dealing with the increasing immoralities in society.

The Very Rev. Ledo noted that since the signpost of morality and moral behavior has fallen drastically over the years, it is appropriate for management of radio stations to regard the promotion of cherished traditional and cultural practices on radio stations as a major responsibility in addressing the moral decadence among the youth in society.

Speaking at the 25th anniversary launch of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) Volta Star Radio, in Ho, he pointed out that radio stations cannot claim to be serving the people well if the tradition and cultural values of the very people they serve are relegated to the background. He commended Volta Star Radio for its special programmes that project the culture and traditions of the region.

The Moderator said he was not surprised when Volta Star Radio won national awards for distinguished service rendered to the residents in the region through quality programmes.

He said in order to sustain the gains made over the years, management and staff needed to be more committed to duty and be faithful in their activities stressing, however, that management and staff be firm at all times in their dealings.

Launching the anniversary, the Volta Regional Director of GBC\VSR, Mr. John Gadawusu, appreciated the support residents in the region have given the station over the years and continued to enjoy such assistance, which he explained, led to the formation of Volta Star Radio Listeners and Callers Association.

Mr. Gadawusu recalled the contributions of the people of the region when management of the radio station decided to construct a fence wall around the radio station to prevent intruders, a project he said, saw massive contribution from the people.

The Regional Director disclosed that the launch of the 25th anniversary would be used to mobilize funds for the establishment of Volta Star Television station and one transmitter equipment to replace one of the old equipment at the three transmitter stations at Akatsi, Amedzofe and Kete-Krachi, now in the Oti region.

Mr. Gadawusu disclosed that electricity bills that the station was unable to pay, weak equipment at the transmission stations and lights out continue to pose a major challenge to management of the station.

However, management at the national headquarters was helping to address some of these major problems.

He explained that government had granted all regions the right to establish television stations that would promote development through the use of indigenous local languages.

According to the Regional Director, some of the regions have already established their own regional television stations and said the launch of the 25th anniversary celebration would be used to mobilise resources towards the establishment of a regional television station for the Volta region in Ho.

Mr. Gadawusu was hopeful that when announcements are made on the Volta Star Radio for individuals and groups to contribute towards the establishment of the proposed Volta Star Television station, the people would embrace it just as they did in the past when they contributed money for the fence wall project.

The Volta Star Anniversary Planning Committee Chairperson, Mr. Kodzo Akwensi assured the people that all was set to mobilise both human and material resources towards the celebration, which he announced would be held on November 26, 2021 and appealed to the people to participate effectively in all the programmes lined up towards the occasion.

A Representative of the Volta Region branch of the Ghana Journalist Association (GJA), Mr.  Sefenyo Dzokoto, noted that staff and management of the Volta Star Radio have been adhering strictly to professional code and practices, which distinguished the station from other community radio stations in the region, particularly the use of the Ewe language on air.

The Volta Regional Director of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Mr. Ken Kponor, observed that the professional conduct of the staff of Volta Star Radio in handling various programmes to educate the people on development issues cannot be over emphasised and stressed the need for management of the station to be accountable to the people at all times.

The President of the Volta Star Radio Listeners and Callers Association, Mr. Kobla Adri, on behalf of the members pledged their unflinching support for the station and called on traditional rulers in the region to support the station to mobilise resources for the establishment of a regional television station for the region.