Clergy, Chiefs Urged To Champion Crusade Against Drugs, Homosexuality

September 2, 2021 By 0 Comments

The Chief of Dunkwa, Okofrobuor Obeng Nuako III and the Head Pastor of Royal Loval International Chapel, Apostle Theophilus Quarm have jointly called on their colleague chiefs and Minister of the Gospel to lead the crusade against drug abuse and homosexuality among the youth.

Apostle Quarm warned the youth against homosexuality and drug abuse and advised them not be influenced by the culture.

The occasion was the observation Royal Loval International Church’s annual Sankofa Traditional festival designed to promote culture, tradition and customary practices.

He said it is time for the pastors to advice the youth and teach them to avoid indulging in such practices, because they are alien to our culture.

The Man of God urged colleague pastors to fashion out teaching and proper training programmes to instil sense of responsibility and patriotism in the youth to become responsible future leaders.

He called on them to use the pulpit to educate the youth against practices that tend to affect their positive upbringing and secured future.

Okofrobuo Obeng Nuako III on his part called on chiefs to improvise a device to monitor the lifestyle of the youth in their areas.

He said the move would enable the communities prevent the youth from engaging in irresponsible behaviour, including homosexuality and hard drugs.

The chief also appealed to Parliament to enact a law to back their (chiefs) stance and enable them enforce such laws at the community level.

Dr. Daniel Acorlor, the Municipal Health director for Upper Denkyira East bemoaned the alarming rate of teenage pregnancy in the area.

He attributed the situation to the emergence of mining activities which have attracted all manner of people from neighboring countries who victimise the teenagers and refuse to accept responsibility.

The Health Director advised parents encourage their daughters to go to school instead of engaging in promiscuous lifestyle.

Dr.Acorlor also lamented on the use of drugs by the youth and said lack of employment in the area had worsened the situation.

He pleaded with NGOs to create more jobs for the people in the Upper Denkyira East to enable them to refrain from such acts.