Biakoye District Health Directorate begs for boat

September 2, 2021 By 0 Comments

Rita Wurapa, the Health Director for the Biakoye District in the Oti Region, says her outfit is unable to reach island communities in the district because it has no means of transportation.

To frequent those cut off hinterlands with healthcare delivery, Madam Wurapa says her outfit will need a boat or canoe.

“In the island are scattered communities, but you can’t assess them if you don’t have a boat or canoe to cross the river,” she told a section of the media at this year’s Malaria Chemo Prevention Sensitisation programme at the island.


It was a Tuesday, a market day, so there were more canoes and boats for traders and public sector workers to board to and fro, in spite of the high risk of overloading the vessels with both passengers and goods.

Except on market days, Madam Wurapa explained that it is costly getting a canoe to transport her and her team to work on the island.

“Our inability to go on outreach programmes regularly is seriously affecting healthcare delivery because you know…Malaria and water borne diseases are prevalent on the island.

“My outfit begs the Ministry of Health, Philanthropists or Corporate Ghana for either a boat or canoe to facilitate our accessibility to the island, where our people need our services often,” she noted.

On the island, Rosa Yaa Ayibor, the Biakoye District Malaria Focal person, educated the community on the need to sleep under treated mosquito nets.

In groups, the health team demonstrated to the community how the net is fixed. Malaria is prevalent on the island.